Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eatin' Dust

Gotta admit, I'm kinda bummed, and on the other hand super excited. An online friend I thought we'd travel with posted that they have TA and CA (K, I'm thrilled for you!!!!). I so hoped we could travel together and finally meet in person. But we haven't received the same good news from Lifeline, so it looks like we've been left behind.
But I'm not gonna cry...
...wonder why...
...or pout... (even though I'm pretty good at all those things)!
Nope, I'm not gonna! Because my friend K is leaving in 2 weeks!

And we just couldn't do that.

Not because we don't want to. My sister-in-law has agreed to go with me, and my niece graduates high school in 2 weeks; then Kenzie graduates 8th grade 5 days later! I've promised all of us I would wait till after those milestones to travel (even though in the past I've been known to drop everything and board a plane ;-)

So, I'm just gonna rejoice! Rejoice for those leaving in 2 weeks and rejoice that I don't have to decide whether we're leaving in 2 weeks ... because we don't have TA or CA yet!

Besides that, we are still raising funds for travel.

Sometimes it's just best that I don't have a choice. Thank You, Lord, for your perfect timing!!!!


Jodi said...

i felt the same way when a group followed prior to us - but God's perfect time is just that - PERFECT! He will work it all out! Our travel group this past week was just perfect for us! We shared so many of the same feelings and wishes for the orphan it was so encouraging!!!

Shonni said...

I am so excited for them!!! I can’t wait till it is our turn...still gonna be awhile though...
Before you know it, you will be on a very long, but worth it, plane to China!!!!!

Jean said...

It will be coming soon! Can't wait to follow you!!

It is often good we don't have a choice because that would make us in control- yikes- that would be scary!!

Sally and I wanted to travel together when she got Gio and we got E and E- we missed each other by 12 hours- it was such a bummer BUT our two were a handful so I wouldn't have been able to visit much with her. NOT saying yours will be- they look as sweet as can be BUT Hod has his reasons!

Kathy said...

What?!! I'll be missing out on spending two weeks helping to carry a slew of baby bags, purses, carry-on bags and sundry other assorted women's baggage for seven traveling ladies!

Seriously, I am disappointed that you and Kathy won't get to meet in person (yet), and share in one of God's BIG adventures together.


Kathy said...

You are so precious. I am excited and
bummed also. I kept praying & checking
to see if you had any news.
I did remember the graduations but I thought
we might still get to spend time together with
you and your precious little ones and sweet
Kenzie before we head back home.
I know you will be holding your little sweeties
very soon. His timing is always perfect!

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