Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello, Guangzhou!

Yesterday was a BIG day! Little Miss was super ornery. Can you see it? But the milestone of the day ~ she kissed Kasidi on the cheek...right before she smacked her. But Kasidi smacked back and said something in Chinese. Bad Mommy just snickered :) The whole point of it is that Kennah has kisses in there somewhere just waiting to come out.
It's not your eyes; the pic is blurry. We reunited orphanage sisters.
We relocated. C'mon pack mule, let's go! Poor Sheri.
We said goodbye to Nancy
We said goodbye to Denise, who went above and beyond, tracking our luggage, taking me to get PP pics which I forgot at home, and all sorts of other stuff.
We boarded the girls' first plane. They actually did very well, although they never slept. Not.a.wink. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
We checked in around 6:30, were completely overwhelmed by this hotel, met my friend Kathy (pix coming next post), and this is how we all felt when we finally hit the sack.

Our schedule here makes Nanjing seem like a vacation. We are way too busy here. If you don't see a new post every day...well, I'm just sayin'
Some of you are praying for Kennah and some answers. Thank you! We got some good answers yesterday before we left. Neither of the girls are from Nanjing, and we don't know much about her SWI, but I'm so happy to say again, we are praising the Lord for good news. We didn't even know her palate surgery had been done, and yesterday we got the report that it was done in December 2010. She's already got more energy than before. And this is a good thing how?????
I might be getting tired :)
We're starting to see a bit of rivalry and vying for attention between the girls. Trying to deal with that as it occurs.
Today we have medical exam x 2. Then paperwork. And Kenzie really wants to swim today, finally.
Right now I have to go mop up the water from the shower overflow (in our 5 Star hotel, geez) and get some peeps outa bed for a crazy day.
Love ya'll!


Shonni said...

Love reading about your adventure!!

Cari said...

You're doing great, Connie! Hang in there and just focus on one day at a time with your busy schedule, and before you know it you'll be back home in your own bed!! {hugs}

Jodi said...

Praying for you hon!!! I know fighting over momma is hard - but how wonderful that they both want their momma!!! Praying for you to be able to rest when the others do!

Lori said...

Glad you made it! Your girlies sound like mine. I pray for patience a lot! God is good!

dhm78 said...

Praying you home soon, Connie. I know this trip is rough. So happy for you and the Little Treasures. And that you have two wonderful Helpers on the trip. Take care, rest when you can.
Love, hollym.:)

Jean said...

I know Nancy!! We love her!! She helped us in Nanning when we went to get Sarah!! She was a huge help- Sarah was quite challenging!! ;-)

I love that they each stick up for themselves- think I would have done the same thing and see how it played out!!

Jolene said...

Oh I hope you all get some wonderful rest! We're so hoping to be there in the next 6 months to get our son! Prayers for all of you!

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