Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kambry Hope!

Warning: The following pictures are in random order because...well, frankly, I've lost my mind!
The last two weeks of school are insane with 573 banquets and every other activity we can cram into a 10-day time span. With 8 days till we leave, I still have 2,852 trips to W*l-Mart, 1 graduation banquet, 2 graduations, 1 video to prepare, 1 book summary to write...ah well, you get it. All this craziness leading up to the glorious homecoming of our girls. I'm sure things will settle down once Kasidi and Kennah are home - bahahahahaha.

Way to go, Kolton Tee, lettering in football, basketball, baseball and track!
Kambry wanted her ears pierced for her birthday. And ice cream for being a big girl.
We managed to squeeze a celebration into our weird schedule, even if it was at 9 pm. Kambry Hope, you are a joy!
Just what she wanted, another pillow pet and purple earrings.
How do you really feel about that?

I hope you have a wonderful day! I need to book flights...and run to W*l-Mart...

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