Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Okay, I just couldn't let the post below be the post at the forefront of my blog ;-)

Even though I've lost control - er, wait, did I ever have control? No, not really. But there are a few things I can control, like:
1) the repeated choice to eat copious amounts of junk food,
2) to let my imagination run wild,
3) to bark military-style orders at my family,
4)to shrug off my responsibilities as I do the aforementioned things in hopes our TA will come.

None of those will change a single thing concerning our TA. So I'm slapped in the face with perspective, and I have nowhere to go but the cross!

I am reminded of my devotion a few days ago from Titus 1:2 ~
God, who does not lie, promised.

The author says, "I often hear people praying for more faith, but when I listen carefully to them and get to the essence of their prayer, I realize it is not more faith they are wanting at all. What they are wanting is their faith to be changed to sight.
Faith does not say, 'I see this is good for me; therefore God must have sent it.' Instead, faith declares, 'God sent it; therefore it must be good for me.'" ~ Phillip Brooks

So I declare, God has ordained this waiting; therefore it IS good for me. How will I respond to His goodness? Where is my faith?

I have to trust without seeing and cling to the peace that surpasses all understanding...and get on with my life.

May His peace, love, mercy and grace surround you today!


Tanya Fifer said...

I do believe we read the same devotional. I liked that passage so much I read it to my children just this morning as we started our day. :)

Mandie said...

Thank you for the great reminder to all of us! It's hard to keep things in perspective as we are such a take charge society. Time to step back from the worldly behavior and know our God is really in control. Excited for your TA to get there!!!!

Suzette said...

Hang in there! I know how hard the waiting is. We had our sweet girls picture for a full year before she came home.
I just took this same photo at Falls Creek a few weeks ago. Is that were it is? We had an amazing youth weekend there and my first experience there.

Sweet Pea said...

You have no idea how much your post spoke to me and my husband today. Hoping you get to bring those two little sweeties home soon! :)

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