Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rest of the Story ~ Sorta

First, thank you all for your precious comments. You've made me cry all over again!

Yesterday was indescribable. Utterly speechless. Honey, it isn't the same without you hear. Sheri and Kenz are doing an amazing job! But you should be here to see your girls blossom. I know you would be if you could. I love you, and in your absence I realize the amazing daddy you are to all our children.

Yesterday was the culmination of God's unimaginable goodness coming together, throughout the day really! As you know, our luggage arrived about 2 hours before the babies so we had time to arrange everything, and I don't know what we would've done without the awesome Minnie Mouse backpack with never-ending goodies :) The journal below is as much for me, as you, so please humor me. I know without memorializing the day there will be precious bits I would forget. And don't fret, there are more over 200 more ;-)

At 2:00, loaded down with a ginormous diaper bag, complete with sippy cup of juice (properly watered down of course), a steaming hot bottle of formula with rice cereal, an Ergo, 2 blankets, necessary docs, camera which ultimately met its demise when someone knocked it off the table, and a pint-size backpack, we headed to the civil affairs office.

There were 7 other families from France, so the room was crowded, but we immediately recognized a petite pink-adorned Kennah Janae! It appears she has been truly loved. She hesitated to let me hold her, and when I finally did, her nanny would take her back every time she squirmed and whimpered :)

To our surprise, it also appears her palate has been repaired. She appears severely malnourished, and I've suspected that was due to her cleft palate, but she is the thinnest little beauty I've ever seen. We are so careful with her tiny arms and legs, for fear we might dislocate something. I'm happy to say, the girls loves her some vittles! She ate noodles, meatballs and eggs like there was no tomorrow! And she's potty trained! So she and I had to race out of the dumpling restaurant and back to the room for her to tinkle, but it's ok. She's good about telling me. She uses lots of gestures because her speech isn't clear. We are so blessed to already be established with the cleft clinic, and our surgeon is awesome!

Kennah will be seen soon because she seems to have some breathing issues, likely related to her cleft. During the night she snorted a lot, especially when she whimpered. It's now 5:30 am and both girls are still asleep, but Kennah has whimpered several times, allowing me to comfort her and remind her, "Mama is here." Oh, be still my heart!

And her laugh ~ oh my! At first she would try to hold her smile, then she couldn't help herself and busted out in all-out belly laughs! I'm sure we have video somewhere in the plethora of photos. She's a hoot! And has an ornery streak a mile long! She does mind me though! She will readily hold my hand when we walk, and allow me to pick her up if I need to have eye contact. During Gotcha when I was holding both girls and Kasidi was crying, Kennah would share her Cheerios, and stroke Kasidi's cheek and hair. Oh my!!!! She also loves to brush her own hair. She's a princess!

About 15 minutes after meeting Kennah and while we were unloading her backpack, our guide said, "Oh, another one!!!!" I turned around, and there was my Kasidi Joy, dressed in the most dainty outfit ever! I will take a picture of it today. She was not pleased to be handed off to her mama, but she eventually settled in. She has the most beautiful and dainty features, and a cry to match.

Both girls could easily fall in love with their sister Kenzie, and we are all being careful about that. I'm feeding them and meeting their needs, putting them to bed, etc. But especially at mealtime, I need 4 hands! Sheri and Kenzie are just incredible! They step in when needed. Thank you both!!!

Kasidi has spent the last 8 months with a family who obviously love her very much! Her foster mama brought her to the orphanage yesterday morning because she didn't want to lose any more time with her than she had to. Precious baby girl is going to grieve the loss of her family. We have a special gift for her family, and I hope they will see our heart in it.

Kasidi also eats food, along with her bottles. She loves eggs and noodles, as well as applesauce. We plan to snag some yogurt and faux Cheerios off the breakfast buffet today.

After the pictures were taken, we went to Careforre (never can remember how to spell that) to get some formula and other necessary supplies. Kennah was in awe, taking in all the sights. Kasidi was content to be snug in the Ergo.

As soon as we arrived back at the hotel, I realized I'd forgotten to get the boatload of diapers and wipes I wanted to donate to both orphanages, so we took a walk to the local market and picked those up. The girls did amazing!

I gave each girl a bath separately, not knowing how they'd like it. Also, the 4 arms thing... My word, they love the water!!! Bath time will be treasured moments for us.

I tried to give Kasidi her bedtime bottle, but she wasn't interested. We snuggled a bit, and I put her in the crib, and she was out within minutes. Tired baby girl.

Kennah, on the other hand, insisted on playing in the crib a while. She even tried to convince me to pick her up - funny how she liked me to hold her then more than before :) I'm onto her. If we don't want her to have something, we'll have to get it out of sight! She's persistent, even stubborn. It was so cute to listen to her playing with the stacking cups and talking to herself. As soon as I turned the lights out and went to bed, she settled in and fell asleep too.

So today is a new day. It can't top yesterday, but it will bring its own cherished memories. We complete the adoption paperwork today and get to know each other more.

I am overwhelmed at God's goodness. I simply don't deserve such blessings. I am so grateful that He spoke His plans to our hearts yet again. I already can't imagine my life without these two Treasures.

Honey, Kuyler, Kolton, Kooper, Kayden, Kambry, Kaeleb and Kinley Grace, I love you and miss you!

Clint, Ashley, Meghan, Austin and Gretchen, I'm taking good care of your wife and mama...or she's taking good care of me!



Jodi said...

Ohhhh Joy!!!! Double the blessings!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Shonni said...

I am so happy for you!!!!d They are both just beautiful. Praise the LORD!!!

Dina Klink said...

Congratulations Connie!!! What gorgeous sweeties you have!!! Today is our sweet Keira's Gotcha Day!!! Thinking of you and praying that the girls continue to open their hearts to you, for good health for everyone, and safe travels through China and all of the way home. And what a great testament of God and His love of the orphan...ever so faithful!!!

Jennifer said...

Love your journal! Brought me to tears. :)

Shelly said...

LOVED reading all of this! Praise Him for two wonderful, precious daughters! What a journey it has been!

Lori said...

What a whirlwind of a day. Awesome! I still cannot believe you are there and getting your babies!

Stefanie said...

So enjoyed reading every bit of your beautiful story, Connie! Sooo happy you took the time to write it all out... they are both positively precious :)

Chris said...

Ok, need to put a tissue box by the computer... love the pics

groovy mama said...

My heart is FULL of joy for you and those beautiful girls. Oh my so wonderful. Holding u all close in thought in prayer.
Hugs donna

CK said...

Perfect! Absolutely perfect! You have a room FULL of beautiful ladies!
Kennah reminds me so much of our Sarah-dainty, petite, princess with a little ornery streak thrown in among being a bit silly. PTL for her palate being repaired!! Prayers for her breathing-(could be she has some sleep apnea challenges). Kasidi is absolutely precious-what a special little one!
Lovin' all the pictures!

Kim said...

Oh Connie, the girls are PRECIOUS! Thanks for sharing....I am enjoying every word!


Anita said...

Oh my friend....I think I'll cry for the 2 weeks you're gone! Thank you for the wonderful details of your day with your precious girls! I think Kennah and Kaleb are going to get along fabulous with that stubborn streak of theirs! But he's already settling in with the boundaries, too!! Love you all!

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