Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting to Know You ~ Kennah

First, can I just say, ya'll are no help at all about the sleep issue :) I'm already a believer in co-sleeping, and every one of our Treasures (except Kooper) has spent their fair share of time in our bed from the first night. But two at the same time?!? In this tiny rock bed?!?
I was prepared to do whatever I needed to do. Clayton just happened to text me as I was putting the girls to bed and asked how we were doing. My reply ~ 'two crying babies.' He said he was praying.
The result ~ I gave Kasidi her bottle, then stood by her crib just holding her and whispering in her ear for a while, then I moved her crib next to my bed, put her down and she settled right in. I moved Kennah's crib next to hers...and she got ornery and started throwing blankets on Kasidi so I moved her back to her original spot, where she sang us all to sleep! Prayer works, folks! Than you, Jesus!!!!

Little Miss loves her glasses. And she loves sharing.

She would like to blow bubbles, but the blower is more like a vacuum :)

And we spend countless hours on the phone with Baba. After she's properly fitted me with glasses, which she insists we wear in order to see her photo album.
She also knows how to work a banana. I'm hoarding every healthy snack I can get my hands on. Just trying not to overdo any one food item since I don't know if she has a malabsorbtion or digestion issue.
I wish I had pictures of her twirling around the room. The girl loves to sing and dance. We keep one of our favorite Christian stations streaming when we're in the room, and she loves it. She's finally letting me scoop her up and love on her :) :) And when she wants something, she gets my attention with, "Mama," and then points to what she wants. She's also starting to repeat words! And have I mentioned how compassionate she is toward her mei mei?!? Her personality is priceless!
Look out, Daddy, there's another princess in the Kastle!!!


Shonni said...

Your beautiful babies are making me miss my babies!!! I can’t wait to hold them!!!
And your darling daughters are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

lizzielou said...

Your babies are beautiful Connie! So very happy for you and for them! Two more that have a wonderful family, praise God!

Jolene said...

Oh what a lovely update!

I have to tell you that I love how you all have a thing for "K" names! We do too but quite by accident.

Homegrown daughter
Allyson Kayla then
Adopted sons
Jakob Kenneth and
Kaden Micheal

I realized they all had a K somewhere in of course the next one had too of course but she got two middle names.

homegrown baby
Evelyn Kendra Ruth
working on bringing home adopted son#3.
Dalton Kai Wu

I love all your K-names!

Cari said...

Glad we could help! :)

I can see that little Kennah has your heart already! So sweet to see them both on the bed with you playing like they have no cares in the world. Such beautiful pictures of the Johnson girls.

Laine said...

Precious little peanut! Make that two little peanuts!
I'm taking notes,'re doing a FANTASTIC job! :)
Hugs and prayers....

Anita said...

Prayer absolutely works and so glad Kennah sung you all to sleep! YAY! We'll keep praying for lots of continued sleep, too. It's so cool to watch you on the other side of the world now since we were just there. So strange actually. Kennah is such a delicate beauty, isn't she? I can tell she's lovin' her momma from those pics, too. Oh sweet one, you have one fabulous momma!

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