Monday, May 9, 2011

When Bloggy Friends Finally Meet in Person!

What an amazing weekend we've had! We took a 3-day road trip to another state. I finally got to meet my friend Lori!
Lori and I connected over a year and a half ago because we've both adopted teenagers and ... well, we need the connection.

She is a prayer warrior and a teacher extraordinaire! Lori's husband Kelly is presently in China with their two newest Treasures!
Yes, we do have us some fun...cuz that's what hip mamas like us do ;-)

Then we continued down the road to our final destination, my friend Susie's. We also 'met' Doug and Susie a year and a half ago because their daughter and Kooper are from the same orphanage. We've chatted, skyped, emailed and texted, and finally 4 weeks ago we met for the first time when they came to help with our Both Hands project.

We were so blessed by finally meeting them, and several of our kiddos have really connected, so we wanted to help with their Both Hands project...because in a few weeks they will be traveling to China for their 2 newest Treasures!

It was an exhausting but productive weekend! In addition to their Both Hands project, their church family held a huge (and I do mean huge) garage sale!

Umm, we picked up a few things at their garage sale! (No, not the teenager - he's already ours ;-)

Did I mention it was exhausting?!?
It was a beautiful weekend! Thank you, LORD, for bringing Lori and Susie into my life!


Cari said...

how amazing our God is to orchestrate that weekend for all of you!

i'm hoping that someday i'll be able to "meet" some of my bloggy friends in person like you {and others} that i cherish dearly!

Lori said...

What a fabulous weekend!

We had so much fun meeting you guys!

That last pic is hilarious! You wore those kiddos slick. Good for you!

So glad you had such a successful time at Susie's! What a blessing!

Jennifer said...

What a funny picture with all the littles snoozin' in the car! ;) Glad you guys were able to hug on each other! :)

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