Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Call to Action

Can I ask a favor?

Would you pray for us?

I came across this quote from John Piper today, and it hits home ~
Until you know that life is war, you cannot know what prayer is for.
-John Piper

We've experienced a lot of battles in the war of this life.  We don't usually ask why; we just fix our eyes on Jesus all the more.

We knew that this adoption journey would require faith like never before.  We knew it would be necessary to trust the Father for the funds to get our little guy home.  We want him home quickly, obviously to smother him with love, but also to address his medical needs.  And praise the Lord, the process is moving along quickly.

We have worked tirelessly to raise funds, and we'll continue to do so.  To date we've had 8 fundraisers since starting the process in July, and we are so thankful for all who have participated in them, from entering drawings, to purchasing t-shirts and baked goods!

And in our flesh, we fall short.  Every.single.time.  We understand that one of the main reasons folks don't adopt is the cost.  After all, who has $40,000 laying around?!?  We certainly don't.  And yet, the Lord has provided the funds for all of our children to come home.  He has used some pretty creative means to provide, through His people.  And as we get one step closer to our son, I tremble at the notion that we still need to raise another $34,000.  It seems impossible from our perspective.  But we are so feeble and so limited, unlike our mighty Father, for whom nothing is impossible!

And so it occurred to me, why not rally the troops to pray?  Would you commit to pray?  For our family.  And for others who are responding in obedience to the Word of God, even though it is not easy.  We are not promised comfort or ease, but there is a promise we can count on: He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Our family has grown over the last ten years...

...and as long as we have breath, we will serve the Lord at all cost.

Prayer doesn't change things; it changes us.  We want our desires to align with the Fathers; we want to testify to His goodness, no matter the circumstances; and we want to praise His character and sovereignty.

We treasure your prayers, and we'd also like to pray for you, if you would leave a comment with your request.

"Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude -- an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God."
- Arthur Pink

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made in Purple!

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by our awesome Father!

We have chosen the theme Be the Change because we believe if we truly want to see change, it starts with ourselves.  It isn't enough to desire change; we have to take steps to make change.

And we have chosen Psalm 139:14 because our son is a very special little boy. He has spina bifida and bilateral club foot, just the way God made him for His glory!

We want to get him home as quickly as possible to not only address his medical needs, but to fulfill his true need: the knowledge of the love of his Heavenly Father and his family!

The Lord commands us to love, and we have a tremendous love for children who have little to no hope without a family.  Each t-shirt sold will bring us a little closer to our adoption fundraising goal to bring our son home.


We have this design in women's fitted, unisex, long-sleeve, youth and hoodies!
If you'd like to order between now and December 3, you can do so HERE!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

I love this verse!  So I was thinking, why not wear it?!?

We designed this tee (in youth, long-sleeve, hoodies, women's fitted and unisex), to run through December 1.  Maybe you need to do some Christmas shopping yet?  

I'm thinking about running this in purple because I so love the purple tees!  I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, please take a peek at this design here.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Step Closer

Today we received a long awaited email!
Our 800a is approved!
To break it down, once our postman is so kind to deliver the approval, we will have 3 documents to authenticate before sending them to China to meet up with the rest of our dossier. 
We are so thankful for the Lord's perfect timing and provision! 
We have not been delayed up to this point due to lack of funds, praise the Lord!
When we send our dossier, we will also need to send a chunk of funds to the tune of several thousand dollars. 
For that reason,  we have held one fundraiser after another...
Including this one:

Yes, we are offering to help with your Thanksgiving baking!  We have several orders already, and we will gladly take lots more!  After all, I have help:)
This is one of the many ways the Lord is providing for our fees, and we are so thankful for everyone who prays, encourages, holds our hands and supports us in so many ways!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

She's a Winner...and a Champion

We drew for the smart watch giveaway October 15, notified the winner, and received an unbelievable reply!

First, we are so thankful for everyone who shared and contributed to our fundraiser.  When we said yes to bringing our precious son home, we were depending 100% on the Lord to provide the funds for the adoption costs.  A lot has happened since then, but our faith hasn't wavered.  God is good, all.the.time!

We are committed to work from sunup to dark-thirty, fundraise till the cows come home, and pray unceasingly to get our little guy home.

When we hold a fundraiser/giveaway, we are always always prepared to order the item from Am*zon and ship it directly to the winner!  So please know that when a winner chooses to pay it forward by donating it back, we are always always surprised and blown away!

All that to say, when we drew SAMANTHA'S name, I sent her this message: 
You won the watch! Congratulations! I need to know if you'd like the Apple or Galaxy and your shipping address��

I was surprised to receive her reply:

I am going to try to sell it and give you the money.


We had a long conversation, and in the end she paid it forward, meaning that we now have another $450 to apply to our adoption costs!

Thank you, Samantha! You are a rock star!

As always:


Monday, October 12, 2015

More "Be the Change" tees!

"Be the change you hope to see in the world"
This really is our theme to bring Baby K home, so we've decided to add 2 new colors and more styles!

How about red and purple?!?

These two tees will run until November 1st.
Each color comes in unisex, women's fitted, long sleeve, hoodie and youth sizes.

*Women's fitted runs a size small*

Unisex - $18
Women's - $20
Long Sleeve - $23
Hoodie - $38
Youth - $18

To HIM be all glory!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Have You Got The Time - a Giveaway!

Have You Got The Time...
for a fundraiser giveaway?

The winner can choose either this
Original Apple Watch 42mm  - Silver Aluminum Case, White Sport Band Edition
·         Dimensions: Height: 42.0mm, Width: 35.9mm, Depth: 10.5mm, Case Weight: 25g (1.65 x 1.41 x 0.41 in inches, 1.05 oz)
·         Gorgeous anodised aluminium case; Ion-X glass
·         Retina display with Force Touch; Composite back, Splash and Water resistant in rain, exercising, etc (but not to be submerged in water, as it's not waterproof!)
·         Sport Band with stainless steel pin; Digital Crown
·         Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope; Ambient light sensor

or this

Samsung Galaxy Gear S R750 Curved Super AMOLED Display Smart Watch - Black

·         2G: GSM 850 / 1900, 3G: HSDPA+ 850 / 1900
·         2-inch Super AMOLED Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen
·         Tizen-based wearable platform, Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor
·         S-Voice communication
·         Internal Memory: 4GB, 512MB RAM

To enter:
*$10 = 1 entry
*$25 = 3 entries
*Each FB, IG or blog share = 1 additional entry
*Runs from October 3 to October 15
*Winner's choice of Apple or Galaxy Smart Watch shown above (each valued at around $400)
*This item is not donated, and the cost will come from the funds raised
*Use the PayPal "donate" button under the watch in the upper right-hand corner of this blog (view in "web version" on your mobile device) or email me for other options

Our homestudy is complete, and now we need to submit our 800a extension application and 2 agency fees, totaling $3700

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God
Phil 4:6

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thank You!

Our first Be the Change t-shirt campaign raised $1141, thanks to YOU!

The campaign closed at 11 p.m. September 24, and your shirts will be shipped within 2 weeks!  We'd love for you to send us a picture of you wearing your new tee!  

As for where we are in the adoption process, our home study will be finalized this week, and we will submit our USCIS application.  We've been doing paper work at breakneck speed because:
1. our treasure's file was going back to China
2. our USCIS clearance expires next month
3. we get to re-use our dossier

For those reasons we are fundraising like crazy.  We fully trust that God has a plan to provide every dollar we need to get our little guy home soon.

Change begins with us!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Change Begins With Us

Our hearts beat for children who have little to no hope without the love of a family, and no hope whatsoever without Christ.

14 years ago we surrendered our lives to the Lord.  All we are, all we have, all our days we surrendered.  

We didn't know exactly what that would look like, but we've pursued the desires He's placed in our hearts.

One of those pursuits is orphan care in terms of ministering to prospective and adoptive families, and adoption itself.

The Lord often stirs us to move and even draws us to a specific child at the most inopportune times.  In view of circumstances, resources and abilities, it seems illogical at best.  But in view of Scripture, it is a simple act of obedience in response to a command to love.

It is with much joy that we announce our newest treasure.  We are so privileged to be a small part of God's redemptive plan for his precious life.

We treasure your prayers throughout the journey to bring him home.

As with many times before, we are totally relying on God's provision for the adoption costs.  Introducing our first "Change Begins With Us" fundraiser~

These uber-cool tees come in unisex and women's slim fit, and are only $18 and $20 respectively.  
There are only 4 days left to get yours.

Click here: Be the Change

To HIM be all glory!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Much News...

I'm excited to say that I am officially a wedding planner!  For my oldest girl, that is!  We have an engagement, folks, and even with all of my uncrafty-ness and non-creativity-ness, I get to be mother of the bride!

The plans are coming together, thanks to much help.  Her daddy and I are thrilled, but wait till the wedding day, and you'll see a grown man cry for sure!

Kasidi Joy is finished with serial casting, and she rocked it, as always!

Khloie has matured by leaps and bounds since starting school!  Seriously, I can't believe her language development!

Kohlby's six-month-home anniversary is coming up, and he's the busy bee that keeps us hopping.

And then there's this news!

And if you'd like to sport an awesome tee for a great cause, you've got 9 days to grab one of these!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Wedding, Part I

It occurred to me that I've never shared the wedding pictures, shame shame.

Here's a teaser...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Silence: Is It Ignorance or Consent?

I can be pretty good at appearing to sit on the fence so as not to cause a ruckus.  But because I am deeply convicted by what I have learned recently about Planned Parenthood, I must take a stand.

For the past 14 years I've claimed to be pro-life, but all that really meant was I didn't agree with the cultural view that a fetus is nothing more than tissue, thus making it okay to abort.

I will always believe that life begins at conception.  Because life is from our Creator.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.  
Psalm 139:13

This comes from the truth of God's Word.  It surpasses all other 'truth' we attempt to justify.

So, if our Creator gives life, how must it grieve Him that we continue to snuff the life out of His babies?  I can barely stand to watch the videos put out by The Center for Medical Progress.  I don't want to watch.  Because not watching means I don't know.  I can claim ignorance.  But the reality is we can no longer pretend we don't know.

I don't speak in condemnation or judgment, because that is not my place.  I'm a sinner too.  Thank You, Jesus, for taking my sin upon yourself, redeeming my life and giving me freedom in this life and for all eternity.

These videos have exposed darkness and evil as PP execs flippantly discuss human body parts needed in a particular time period, all in the name of 'research.'

But what about the woman?  Yes, what about the woman who has abortion in her past and is now finding out that the very people who promised her health and safety may have ripped apart the baby she was carrying as a vulture tears into a carcass?  

And what about the woman who thought this was the answer, yet hasn't been able to forget?

To you, dear one, may you accept God's grace and forgiveness.  May He call you out of the darkness and into the light of His forgiveness.  May He cause you to rise above the shame and guilt.  Maybe He will even call you to minister to others who cannot find their way out of the darkness.

To those of us professing to follow Christ, what will we do now?  What if we:
1. Love as He loves us
2. Carry one another's burdens
3. Speak in truth (not in error and certainly not in hatred)
4. Speak against the violence of abortion
5. Recognize that life is a gift
6. Remember we are here to glorify the Father

Whoever says, "I know him" but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him, but whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected.  By this we may know that we are in him: whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.  
1 John 2:4-6

Because this Earth is not heaven, we can't expect it to be like heaven, but as believers we tend to desire to blend in.  We don't want to act as though we are set apart.  We are given opportunities to stand for the Truth, but we cower.  

...but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 10:33

We want independence and freedom.  We have seen God's mercy in sending His son to the cross for us, but we have yet to see His wrath for the atrocities we commit against one another.  One day He will give us exactly what we wanted, and what then?  May He have mercy on our complacency.

I would never consciously ask someone to abort a child to potentially save the life of mine.  Yet, in my silence, am I doing just that?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Family Thanks You!

Corn harvest 2015 is over, and we survived!  This year's crop was the second best we've had since we began raising sweet corn 7 years ago.  We praise the Lord for His crop.  What an incredible year we've had, and He gets all the glory!

We also owe a huge THANK YOU to our customers!  You are more than customers to us; you are friends.  We realize that no matter how good the crop is, without you it wouldn't be a success.  As long as the Lord allows, we will continue to rise at 3 a.m., hand sort the best, and have it ready for you.  We look forward to seeing you next year!

Sorting starts at 5 a.m....

...and breakfast is always welcomed at 6:30 between trailer loads.

We sorted load after load of corn...

...sometimes in the rain.
We loaded the trailer...

... and pickups...

(true story, this guy had an accident last October that left him in a wheelchair and then a walker for over three months!  Praise God for healing!)

...and then these three would deliver the goods to the designated locations and serve our customers.

Little sisters begged to go with the trailer.  They did a great job making dozens and counting change!

And then the cantaloupe starting producing!

Big cantaloupe!

And the days would eventually end with lots of food...

...including corn, of course...

...and even a little friendly competition.

Being the Top Notch Procrastinator that I am, I might have waited until the last week to cut our corn for freezing.
(I have so much help!)

We squeezed a lot of life out of the five weeks of harvest, including two birthday parties, our 30th anniversary, a baptism (thank You, Jesus!), a serial casting, and time with dear friends.  We're a little tired, but there's no time to chill because school starts this week so we'll keep on rollin'.

Again, THANK YOU, and we'll see you next year!


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