Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adoption Day!

What a way to start the day, cuddling my baby.

Feeding two. I'm sure it could be done more eloquently :)

At the Civil Affairs Office, keeping Lil' Miss Trouble outa trouble.
Meanwhile, the most precious giggles from this Treasure. Yes, we caused quite a scene!

"Congratulations, Mrs. Johnson, again!" (he shook our hands 18 months ago)

Giving our orphanage gifts
Kim, we weren't able to visit ... so we gave your gift to the asst director. Your baby boy has his gifts today!
Drying my girl's tears. She had to say goodbye to the ones who have loved her for 3 years. It breaks my heart for her.
The adoption decrees!
The ride 'home.' Hang on for dear life :)

We skyped Daddy and the big brothers! Miss Hollywood!
Behold the beauty!


Jill and Rick said...

Oh what a day!! Love all the pictures!!! Congratulations, Connie!


Laine said...

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You truly are so Blessed! :) (love the shirt :)

Praying for yall!!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

They are just beautiful. I love the little bows in their hair, especially Kennah's, she looks so dainty.
Your pictures bring back memories from our trip to Nanjing a year ago. I even recognized one of the ladies from Mylee's orphanage. I guess I didn't realize you were going back to Nanjing.

Looks like all is going well, but will continue to pray things keep going well.

Thanks for the updates, I love them!


Jodi said...

Ohhh Connie!!! hugs of joy for y'all!!! Congrats to the whole Johnson family!
I remember that office - 4 1/2 years ago!
Oh precious kennah - praying for her little heart to heal!

Howard and Kim said...

girl, you keep me in tears. You know, those praise God He is so good happy kind of tears! Thank you so much for letting us follow along!

Tina said...

SO SWEET!!! I check the blog every morning and every night. Can't wait!!! Kenzie looks like she is having fun! Love You~

Leslie said...

Nearly Speechless! Beautiful girls who have a beautiful family! Praise God!

Joy said...

I recognize that Civil Affairs office. We were in Nanjing in November 2009.

Your beautiful girls are such sweeties.


Treasures Evermore said...


TanyaLea said...

ohhhhh!!! These photos just put a big ol' smile on my face. It's hard to believe that just 18mos ago I followed your last journey, and now you are there again, bringing home TWO more precious treasures ~ and they are both SO beautiful!!

Yes, "CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, MRS.JOHNSON!!" ...and Mr.Johnson, too! God bless you all as you enjoy these first days getting to know your sweet new daughters! God is GOOD! <><


catsage_2000 said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Precious little girls.

Stefanie said...

Truly AMAZING!! Your girls seem to be just falling into their new family seamlessly! LOVE to see those precious SMILES already!!
Go GOD!!!

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