Friday, April 29, 2011

Shout Out ))))))))))))

My friend, S, is a classic example of God's favor upon our girls. Look what she's been up to.
Cute butterflies...
Adorable Kanzashi flowers...
Pretty Polka Dot Flowers...and so much more!
There's a story behind these petite pretties. We 'met' S almost two years ago because her beautiful daughter and Kooper shared the same orphanage. She delivered a gift for us and took priceless pictures of our son. We've kept in touch via email ever since.

She's been following our journey to Kasidi and Kennah and felt led to help in some way. Apparently she discovered a talent she didn't even know she had :) She began making hairbows (because no girl can have too many of those!), in hopes of selling them to raise $100 for our journey.

That was several months ago...and several hundred dollars ago! At last count, she had raised over $600!!!
Folks have approached and invited her to sell bows for special occasions and craft shows. The Lord has placed so many people in her path it's incredible!

Right now she has a dear friend who's been taking bows to work and has sold over 40 of them! She happens to work at FedEx (you know, our heroes who deliver precious adoption paperwork!!!) Next week FedEx is holding a silent auction, and one of the prizes is a grouping of S's bows!

Next Saturday, May 7, she is attending a large craft show in hopes of selling even more!

We are so grateful for her commitment to help bring our girls home. And to think, it all started with her desire to help in a small way, and the Lord has magnified it beyond anyone's imagination!

And here's the best part, you can buy her bows too! They are uber cute and very reasonably priced. Check out her website, Red Thread Bows.

To our friend, S, those who've given and to our friends at FedEx,



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