Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Almost Everything Post

Goodness, where to start?!? How about with today's mail? It was like Christmas, I tell ya'. I received both of these tees (from Wild Olive, of course!) for helping 2 adoptive families!
We also received our passports, complete with Visas to China!

I'm thinkin' with these...
...and these, I'm ready to travel :) :) :)

In other random family news, we have a new family member! Kolton's Australian Shepherd pup Hoss. He's adorable, but if you tell Kolton I said so I'll deny it! At least he didn't get him while we were in China. Seriously, the last trip we were introduced to his new dog via Skype. Yes, he knows better!
And there was this: with a house full of company during Project weekend, Kambry decided her hair was in her 'thace,' so she climbed to the cabinet, fetched the scissors and cut her hair starting at one ear, moving upward, then down to her other ear. Oh my stars! And of all my kids, her hair grows the s.l.o.w.e.s.t.!
Miracle hairdresser Kim to the rescue! The up side ~ Kambry won't need a trim for a very.long.time.
Our house has also been full of surprises that I've wanted to share with you forever. First, during Project weekend when we had company (which I can't wait to tell you about!), we came home Saturday night exhausted from working hard on the find groceries on the counter! I can't even tell ya' what a blessing this was because we'd worked so late we missed the grocery story and I was fretting about what I'd fix for Sunday dinner... you know, easy so I could enjoy our company, and plenty so I could fill their bellies. It was perfect! Thank you to our sweet neighbors, Grace and Rodger!

Then last week this ginormous box was in the mail! My friend Dina surprised us by shopping for complete outfits for each of our 10 kids, including the one in college and the two waiting in China! I wouldn't even take on that task! Also in the box was a $25 gift card to Ch*li's and a DVD on attachment that I've been wanting to watch! Dina, thank you!!!!
Just for you ~ the littlest Krew in their new duds!
There's so much more I want to share, but I have to gather my thoughts.
It's true, we are officially awaiting Travel Approval!!!
It's surreal.
And it's a good thing we have so much good stuff to keep us busy over the next month ~
Youth Graduation Banquet
Falls Creek Promo Night
Kenzie's 8th Grade Graduation
Meghan, Kelsey, Paittan and Ashley's high school graduations
Summer T-Ball and Softball...

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has given to our $5,000 matching grant! With the on-line gifts and those made through our church, we are at $2,665!!! Over halfway there!

And THANK YOU to all who have given to the Xoom to the Finish fundraiser and posted about it! We are at $435 on that one, and we still have over a week to go!

Our prayer is that God would fully fund this 2K Race, and with 4 to 6 weeks till travel we are praising Him in advance for doing so!


Dina Klink said...

LOVE it!!!!

Leah said...

So awesome! I love the t-shirt that says "by grace". Can you post the link to the web address for the blog that is fundraising with those shirts? Thanks!!

Anita said...

What COOL blessings for your family! and OH MY to Miss Kambry there. LOL! My sister did the same thing at that age only she ended up with a pixie haircut! ;) Maybe it'll actually help her hair grow faster? Either that or lots of sunshine!!!

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