Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is It Saturday Yet?

Not asking because we want to sleep in.
We can't wait for The Project!
Are you ready, Shirley? Cuz here we come!
Tomorrow we'll be moving all the tools and building supplies to the site.
Saturday we'll be rollin' up your drive about 7:45 to:
~ replace kitchen countertop, sink and faucet
~ replace bathroom countertop, sink and faucet
~ add outlets, light fixture and mirror to bathroom
~ paint garage door
~ replace/repair eves
~ install siding on gables
~ trim trees and remove brush
~ do some other things I can't remember :)
I can't wait for you to meet the two families driving in for the weekend! We get to work side by side on Saturday and worship side by side on Sunday.
*We hope to have the video uploaded Sunday too*
Lord, You are awesome!!!


Jodi said...

Praying for a wonderful project and safety and blessings for all!!!

Serving the King said...

That is just nothing short of AWESOME! Love it and can't wait to see the video!

Cari said...

Can't wait to see the pics and blessings from this project! Praying for a great day for your project.

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