Wednesday, June 1, 2011

US Consulate; Chinese Boat

Catchy title, eh? I'm kinda focused on the fact that 24 hours from now we are flying out of here! And 26 hours after that we land in Wichita!!!! But I digress.
Yesterday we went to the Consulate for our appointment and oath (it's at the same time now). Today we will get the call that the girls' Visas have been issued!
Last night was the Pearl River Cruise. Some cool new buildings were constructed for the games, and it makes for beautiful sights. However, the food is worse than before :( Oh yes, it can be so.

Happy girl
Lily, Rebecca and Aron!
Lily has matched us with 3 of our kiddos!
Rebecca ~ lifelong friend!
We had delicious cuisine at the Malaysian restaurant for lunch! For those of ya'll coming this way, we are staying in the Garden Hotel; this is the Malaysian restaurant across the street, above McDonald's, down the hall from Pizza Hut. How's that for country directions? And Bellagio's is around the corner from Starbucks and completely delicious!
Sheri's fruit salad!
New TV tower along the cruise
Kenzie. She's with me.
Sheri. She's with me too! Don't know what I'd do without her!
And finally... something to make you laugh. I told ya' she's ornery!
Today we visit a new place on the sightseeing agenda. Will have pix, I'm sure :) Should be interesting though - this morning I apparently dropped my left contact before it made it into my eye, and by the time I realized it, it was stuck to the floor. I tore a chunk out of it lifting it from the floor. It's my last spare. Kasidi hates my glasses, so I guess I'll just wink a lot today...and tomorrow.
This afternoon Aron picks up the Visas, and then we are free to fly out tomorrow morning!
Please pray for ~
~our flights, that we don't miss our connection in Seattle after immigration
~Kennah and I to have some bonding time. I really need this!
~my boys traveling to the airport
~the Smiths, keeping our littlest Treasures
~praise the LORD for ~
~provision! in 9 months He provided everything we needed to bring our 2 Treasures home! 9 months! everything!
~Sheri and Kenzie! They have been beyond awesome!

"The only way to know strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm through severe testings"
~ George Mueller~


val said...
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CK said...

Connie-don't know if this will help or be the same but we had to check through the immigration gate in Seattle at the far left, I will be praying that Sheri and Kenzie can help you deplane quickly and the speediest officer will whisk you through to your connection. There is a restroom right behind the waiting room area-very close. Then you will probably catch the underground subway to your connection.
Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much Kennah reminds me of our Sarah! Prayers for special bonding time with her!

quilt-n-mama said...

I have been following & praying but not commenting, sorry! So glad that the girls are doing so well!

I realized that you guys must live closer to us than I realized (well, I haven't really looks at the map) if you flew out and into Wichita! Are you coming in on Thursday or Friday? We will actually be at the homeschool conference in Wichita on Friday and Saturday:) We'll be praying for your homecoming!

Sadly, we are now at well over 70 days and no LOA:( I was hoping we'd get great news while you were gone but God must have something else in mind.


Jennifer said...

So close to home! So, you're flying in to Wichita?? We're just an hour away from there...down to the south. ;) Love your family and will be praying for smooth travels home!!!

Stefanie said...

Woohooo!! Praising Him with you for His GOODNESS!!
Love how He provided every step of this journey :)
Lots of love and prayers for a safe and UNEVENTFUL trip home ;)

Jodi said...

God is great!!! i'm so glad to see y'all come home - so you can rest -hahaha!! Love Kennah's undergarment! Tee! Hee!!!

Cari said...

Connie, I'll will be praying for you often for the prayer requests that you have listed and praising God for His provisions through it all.

Can't wait to read that you are all back home and to see what Kennah and Kasidi think of their new brothers and sisters {and daddy, of course!}.

Anita said...

YAY you're headed home to all of us! Can't wait to see you my friend. Praising and praying with you and for you! HUGS!!

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