Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day at the Pool

Seemed like a good idea.
Have an early lunch and be at the pool by noon.

It worked...for a while.

Kinda went downhill. Next time, nap first, then swim!
Kuyler's little helpers.

This was one of those days I realized how little control I have! But no matter how badly it started, it was nothing peanut butter cookies couldn't fix!

The past two days it seems Kennah and Kasidi have gone backward in their transition. It's a reality check for me! Naptime is hard; bedtime is hard; lots of holding in between. How am I able to blog? I have a short video (that won't upload) that shows 1 baby on my lap, and a whole krowd around me:) It's goooood!


Lori said...

The pool pics are so cute...and I'm so sorry for keeping you on the phone too long that day! I hope I didn't mess up the timing of your day! But seriously, we needed that chat. :)

Peanut butter cookies...I haven't made them in SO LONG. I might do that tomorrow. Sounds SO yummy!!

Love ya, girl!

TanyaLea said...

Even minus the naptimes, those were some REALLY cute photos!! So fun seeing your girlies at home with your family... it just makes it SO real! Love it!!!

...and YUMMMMM! ~ my mom used to make those cookies. I just may have to dig out the recipe for old times sake ~ pretty sure my kiddos would love them, too!!

Anita said...

Another YUM to the mix! LOVE peanut butter cookies...makes me hungry for them now. And oh yes....I understand the need for that sweet nap though Mr. Busy didn't take one yesterday or today and even been a happy camper. Praise Jesus!

And those pool pics are awesome as is that pool! Oh I wish our pool was that nice.

Praying for steps forward with all the transitioning for everyone. HUGS and LOVE!

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