Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day In The Life

Typical stuff~
The laundry that I now fold on the floor, so Little Miss can sit in my lap, has been scattered.
Helpers in the kitchen, complete with smart remarks.
Waffles and bacon for supper ~ yum!
The cleanup crew. After giving the littles a bath, I stumbled onto this...
...a competition to see who could hit the cup with the most precision...and then clean up its contents with another snap of the towel. Boys. I have to hand it to them though - they do a fantastic job of cleaning up, thanks to Dad's teaching!
The after math bath. Where is my housekeeper? Musta run off with the limo driver and the cook.
Don't even have words!

We drug the luggage out to pack 6 people for Falls Creek and 4 people for another place. Gives me visions of lost luggage and missed flights. Good thing camp is only a 3 hour bus ride away!
Yesterday for the first time I took the two new Littles out by Kayden's 8 am dentist appointment. Probably won't ever schedule an appointment that early again! Then we had a 2:30 doctor's appointment. Probably won't ever schedule two medical visits in the same day either. Thank goodness Daddy swooped in and saved the day!

Summer League is officially over. Summer sports camps will be finished today. And Kolton's driver's ed will be finished today. Gee, what ever will we do?

We've had some trying times with the girlies. Kennah sometimes cries out in the night, but when we check on her she's not awake. I'm all too familiar with night terrors. And she hates going to bed...but once she stops crying she's out.

Night before last Kasidi woke up crying and wouldn't go back to sleep unless she was in my arms. And last night she whimpered in the night, but finally went back to sleep. She also fights bedtime. I have no idea what this will look like at Falls Creek. It makes me tired thinking about it, but I'm moving forward on faith, and I've never discerned the Lord's plans based solely on present circumstances. It's a good thing the other sponsors and students love me :)

Our church rocks! We put out a plea for a second pack 'n play and a walker to take to the Creek, and in no time we had what we needed! The girls' dorm will be equipped with a rocking chair, 2 cribs, an air mattress for 2 other Littles, strollers, high chairs and toys.

Clayton and I both believe I'm supposed to go, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store! Thank you for praying for us!

***If you spot my housekeeper, will you please tell her she's desperately needed here!***


Jennifer said...

Connie, real life and happy kids! Love your pictures. Worth every penny you spend on that "housekeeper". Happy packing.

Martha said...

I'm thinking I need to have more fun with cleaning up like your boys. Have a great week at the Creek! You know I've started referring to you as "my crazy friend Connie?" It's a compliment.

Howard and Kim said...

real life. Beautiful! Love you girl!!!

Kim said...

Love your CRAZY, HAPPY life!! I know that you are super excited about Falls Creek...sounds like fun! ... and, you know we would have been more than happy to watch a few of those littles for you...
As for the housekeeper, if you find her can I share her a couple days a week?
Love you guys
Kim, Brad and the chili peppers

Anita said...

Ya know my friend, I've been thinking about this time for you and honestly initially though C.R.A.Z.Y. (just bein' honest), but then I began to pray with you and thought...."GOD MOMENTS"! Continued prayers to see how the Lord uses this time in all of your lives!! HUGS!

And thanks for the idea of breakfast for supper tonight. Just up my alley on a day like today.

Chris said...

Your housekeeper is probably partying with my housekeeper. She has been MIA for a long time.

Mindi said...

I know that taking the littles to camp will be a challenge but I know there will be someone who needs to see them there. I'm the girl from last year that needed to see them and now I'm in China with lots of little ones like them.

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