Monday, June 20, 2011


We're seeing it!
In more ways than one.
The corn crop is looking awesome. Harvest should start around July 10 and run till mid August. (that's a lot of hard quality family time!)
Severe storms with hail are projected for this week ~ that always gets us praying in the middle of the night!
You can kinda see the various stages of the corn here...
Tassels! That means less than 22 days till sweet corn!
And then there's these two, growing like crazy!
Kennah has gained 4 ounces! Hey, it's something, right?!?
We made the decision yesterday that I WILL go to Falls Creek next week (*squeal*)! After much prayer, the Lord spoke.

I know neither the Lord nor the sponsors need me there, and I know it won't be easy with two little girls...but growth occurs in the hard places!

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