Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1...

Sadly, this is the only picture we took yesterday. I'm happy to report that the girls have slept all night for two nights in a row! Oh yes, they have! And so has Mama!
Dale and Tina came over with a delicious meal last night - THANK YOU!
Have you ever had a panic attack that you won't have food ready in time?!? We put a roast and fixin's on for after church, and I didn't think it would be ready. And there were 22 eyes staring at me :)
I have no idea what our new normal will look like. It seems a long time away. We welcome this week with Kenzie's basketball camp, Kooper's summer school, Kolton's football weightlifting and t-ball and slow pitch softball. Normal is overrated!
Some notable airport pictures from Tina!

The khaos before the picture :)

Kennah and Ty (another kid we claim as our own, even though he already has awesome parents)
I promise to take home pix today. Well, I hope to take home pix today.


Jodi said...

loving the chaos!!! and love the chicken fights with little siblings at the airport! Big brothers are the best!!!

Melissa said...

We have really enjoyed reading your journey to get you new babies! Thank you for sharing it. I pray Gods blessings on your chaos....normal is boring ;)

Shonni said...

I’m so glad that ya’ll are home and are doing well.
loves to you!!

Jean said...

If Ty is going to be part of the family he is going to have to become - Ky!

In time the new normal will happen- for now enjoy the chaos! It is such a blessing seeing your two new treasures home!!
Thank you for sharing your journey!

Stefanie said...

Woohooo for sleeping through the night... that makes ALL the difference :)
Can't wait to see those beautiful girls settle in to their new family!!
oxoxox :)

Laine said...

So thankful to see these pictures of the beautiful krew!

Praying for that transition...and I'm with ya...who needs normal, right? What IS normal anymore? :)

(remind me of this in a few months when my not so normal becomes even more crazy!)


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