Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Surprises!

Today's mail had a beautiful surprise for me!
This canvas bag and tee from my friends at Katelyn's Fund! I've been on the blogging team at KF for a little while (although I haven't carried my weight through the whole China venture). Talk about a godly group of women! And the tee, well, it's made by my peeps at Wild Olive!
Thank you so much, Sheila! Just in time to wear to Falls Creek!


Andrea said...

Where is this shirt, it's not on the website. I really want it :)

Our family: said...

Congratulations on your two new daughters home!! What a miracle and blessing!!! God truly opened the windows of heaven! And I am SO encouraged! We are just starting our 2nd adoption and we will have to raise every dollar of it. But God has already done miracles to get us off on a great start!
P.S. We LOVE Katelyn's Fund! They blessed with a grant for our first adoption and my daughter has the same t-shirt.

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