Sunday, June 12, 2011

Their First Worship Service

Today we were so excited to finally go back to church! Three weeks seems like forever without our church family. The girls got all dressed up and were so excited!
They loved it!
You can tell, right?!? Trust me, they loved it :)
Yesterday we tried out the trampoline...

...we took t-ball pictures, and then we got haircuts. (she's looking for a do-it-yourself 'do'. Oh wait, she's already tried that!)

And then we ministered at W*l-Mart. Oh yes, we did! We walked in, grabbed 3 carts (1 to hold kids), made a quick run-through, and by the time we left I'm certain everyone who has ever complained about taking their kids to W*l-Mart was giving thanks they aren't us!
We ended the day with company who brought Pizza Hut - yum!!!
God, You are so good!


Mel said...

He most certainly is good. Your family is beautiful Connie. I have been keeping you and all of the other families I read about lifted up in prayer. You have done a mighty thing in His name. God bless you and yours on this journey. I would like to ask if you would keep me in your prayers too as God has been working on my heart lately regarding things.
Love is Christ.


groovy mama said...

I see the baby's toes are painted ALREADY!!!! HA-HA! I want where you get your time and mommy management!!! Please fill us in on how you do it, HOW DO YOU DO IT???? Really i have 3 + 1 waiting and i am not sure how do it all! Really you are wonderful and your family is a gift to us all, how you bring them up to how your heart is so full and that GOD shines through you! Continue whatever it is you own, because you ROCK at it!

Rebekah said...

Funny! I KWYM about WalMart! I don't know whether to laugh or cry at all the stares and comments we get. :)

Clay and Amanda said...

I am an adoptive mom also and I love to read your blog and have been reading for awhile! I just wanted to share this adoption blog with you that I also read. Thought you may enjoy their journey, they could sure use prayers right now.

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