Wednesday, June 8, 2011


...with Daddy love
...Grandma love
...Aunt Ashlie love. And the unsurpassable love of our Heavenly Father!
Our first t-ball game. Safe in her daddy's arms.
He would absolutely shell each sunflower seed individually for her
Refreshment on a 102 degree day
Kambry's up to bat!
Kaeleb's up to bat and runnin' for 1st! Aren't they adorable!
The fans

And a snack after the game ~ can't beat that!

Give a girl a sucker...
...and the whole world smiles!
I am overwhelmed by His goodness! It brought me to tears last night as I put the kids to bed. I don't deserve it; I can't fathom it; I am in awe of Him!

The girls continue to amaze us. Kasidi is allowing others to hold her, and Kennah is drawing closer to me. The girl l.o.v.e.s. her daddy ~ but who wouldn't?!? She once again started calling, "Mama, Maaaama" at 4 this morning...but we're making progress :)


Jodi said...

ohhhh so sweet!!! Daddy is the best!!! Who else would de-shell every sunflower seed? :) and ohhh my - the kids (Kambry, Kaeleb and Kinley) are getting so big!

Tracy said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing!
May God continue to bless you and give you renewed energy each day!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like tball was a blast (we too had a game in 102 weather and blowing dust last night. Ugh!
"Oh the Father's Love for us..." always amazes me!

Jennifer said...

So blessed, Connie!

Lori said...

I'm just now getting caught up on your blog...I missed the last couple posts! Adorable T-ballers! I absolutely LOVE that age and watching them figure out which way to run...and which flowers to pick in the outfield. They are a HOOT, aren't they?

And I'm super sorry that your laundry is piling up. I'll be right over to fold. I promise!!

Jolene said...

Such sweetness and the more you come to check on her in the middle of the night when she calls you the more she attaches and feels secure...of course you know all about that but it just amazes me each moment these little ones put the pieces together and begin to build bridges of understanding. They *get* it that when they call someone comes.

Ok, the tears are coming! God bless your family!

Stefanie said...

It's awesome to see them blooming with all that LOVE in your beautiful family :)
He is SOOO good!!

McNew Family said...

Just found your blog - glad to see that you are home safe and sound with your new sweeties! Hope your new normal evens out quickly for you. We are in process for our 3rd China blessing. You have a beautiful family! Donna

Mandi said...

I am overjoyed for you, Connie! I am thanking God that everything (for the most part) is going smoothly for you. Kasidi and Kennah look like they have always been part of the "Krew." I cannot imagine a better momma for them. I am looking forward to seeing them blossom.

Hugs my friend,

Jean said...

Oh my- you are so blessed!! Loving the family pics and the progress!!

I too am so amazed by HIM! I feel like I am bursting with gratefulness!!

All your treasures are doing so well!!

Thank you Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful family just makes my heart smile. I'm so thankful everyone is getting settled in so well. The smiles make me so happy. God is so Good. :)))

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