Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Airport Pix (Tami's!)

If you haven't figured it out, this blog is sorta my photo album/scrapbook :)
Thank you, Tami, for providing some pages!

They will always be my boys, no matter how much they resemble men!
One week ago today, this very hour, we landed! Ah, home is good!
Kasidi has a cold/allergy thing goin' on. Could be the dirt in the air, could be the temp of our home, I don't know. But other than a little snot, we're doing great!!!
We're getting haircuts today (oh my!), expecting company tonight and Monday.
Tami, thank you again, for meeting us at the airport and taking pictures!!!!


Marie said...

Beautiful photos! You obviously have a family that loves you very much!!

Jodi said...

so sweet!!! sooo good to have everyone home!!! God is sooo good!!!

Anita said...

Ok not sure which pic I love more....the one with you coming out with babies in hand and arms with Kenzie or the one with you and the boys (!). ;) Can't wait to be your company on Monday!! ;) YAY!

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