Friday, September 24, 2010

Stellar Week

It's been a busy one...but it's just gonna get busier.
Kooper skyped with his friend M from his province who is now home!!!
Today we are making the initial preparations for our very first Fall Festival next weekend! My helpers and I drug out all the supplies and made 66 candles.
First batch
It's so hard to keep good help :) Acting like they're done!
Tomorrow Kooper will march with the band in the NWOSU parade (he's a little excited!)
I'm afraid as busy as this homecoming week was, next week will be even more crowded. More softball, more football, orthodontics consult, pick up our mums and set up for Oktoberfest!


Anita said...

I'd say BUSY would be the key word here!! :) Kooper looks STELLAR in his band uniform and the littles look sweet in their exhausted slumber! HA! Enjoy your weekend!!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness, Kooper looks so handsome!!

The little kiddos are just as cute as can be. Seriously.

And your candles look amazing!

Jodi said...

Too cute!! Kooper looks so proud! Love it! Take time to breath! Love ya sista!

Jen said...

LOVE all the pictures! However my fav is the one of Kooper. He is so handsome and looks so proud. Made me tear up.
The boy cleans up good girl ; )


Kim said...

Looks like you are loving life!! Praying for you my sweet friend!
Love ya

Jean said...

I got my kandle! I am so excited! It was very exciting for me to let the kids know this package was for me!

Love the scent! Thank you so much!

Kooper looks so handsome!!

Enjoy the week!!

Heather said...

He's one handsome guy in that uniform. Your kids are beautiful!

Lori said...

Kooper looks so dashing!! Band was always a favorite of mine too!

You guys have fun this week!

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