Monday, September 6, 2010

"Special Focus" Children!

We are thrilled that CC*A is allowing agencies to highlight waiting children again!

There are so many children on the shared list it can be overwhelming, but with the new "Special Focus" program, many more of these precious kiddos will get the attention they deserve, which will hopefully lead to the families they deserve!

Here are just a few of the precious children Lifeline is highlighting. Lifeline is currently accepting applications from prospective adoptive parents, and they only get to highlight these kiddos for three months, so please contact them if you are even considering adoption.

Jubilant Natalie!
Beautiful Maria!
Adorable Brady!
Please email Amy ~


Joy said...

If anyone needs more info about "Natalie" I can help. She is my daughter's friend and roommate from Shantou, Guangdong. I have approval from Amy E w/LWB to share everything I know in an effort to help her find a family. I have been advocating for her for months.


Jodi said...

These kiddos are melting my heart! Love all of them!!

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