Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football and Fundraisers

Friday night lights! Go #25!
Putting together another fundraiser for our fall festival booth ~ hairbows!
Last night we celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with other adoptive families! I LOVE these gatherings. I have an adorable picture of 3 little princesses sitting in a chair loving on the kitty, but since I didn't ask their mamas' permission, I won't post it. Trust me, it's cute! And THANK YOU gals for purchasing Kandles!

Speaking of fundraisers, my friend Jodi is selling these awesome tees to bring her 2 boys home from Ethiopia. Go check 'em out! I got mine Friday and love it!
*it's my blog; I can cut my head off if I want to* :)

1 comment:

groovy mama said...

Connie, i must admit that your kitchen is so super clean in that one pic, how on earth do you do it????
hugs donns

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