Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Fair Week - and The Home Study Experience

What a whirlwind first 2 weeks of school, with county and local fair, the start of Friday night lights, and other stuff!
Kolton and Blaze, ready for the parade.
Sorry it's blurry, but that's Kooper with the cymbals! How cool is that?!? He LOVES band!!!!
Kolton and Boomer.
The audience (Kayden, Kambry, Kinley & Kaeleb)
Kuyler drove his VW and Kooper worked the crowd.
Kolton's Freshman class float.
Kenzie on the Spirit float.
Kolton and Blaze bringing up the end of the parade.
All of my kids were at the parade today!

I can only wish the next few weeks would slow down, but there's really no hope in that.
The youth staff has our first 5th Quarter next Friday night; hopefully an awesome adoption fundraiser on Saturday; two kids getting braces soon...
Kolton's finger is healing, and he will start playing football again this week.

On the adoption front, we had our home visit yesterday since the kids were out of school for the fair. Our SW was scheduled to arrive at lunch time. I have no idea whether it's appropriate to invite your SW to eat lunch with you, but I DID! What a stupid brave thing to do - invite our SW to the trough table!

The good news is after 3.5 hours in our home, she is still willing to complete our home study... even though somebody told her to go home, somebody came out of the bathroom half nekkid needing assistance, somebody climbed the back of her chair and said 'boo', somebody shared their food with her, Daddy asked somebody if he needed to cut their toe off when they stubbed it, and somebody spilled a gallon of Sunny D after carrying a stool to the fridge and helping themselves during the three minutes we walked to the hallway. I'm sure my responses were all appropriate :)


Jodi said...

silver one!!!

Ohhh bless your heart!!! Love your home!!! And all the normal things that happen there!!! :)

Chris said...

We have invited every one of our SW's to eat with us and all have refused.
I must say you were one brave lady.
At least she saw you were cool under pressure.

Kathy said...

Yeah Kooper!!! That is So cool!!!

And I thought Jaden who had to where
a dress and insisted she didn't need
shorts under it because she was going
to act like a little lady.... until the SW
shows up and she decides she is going
to be a dog for most of the visit. :)

LJ said...

Sounds like a perfectly normal home study visit to me! LOL Your family sounds a bit like ours (except you've got me outnumbered in the kid department). Love it!

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