Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Signing off from China!

All paperwork is complete, and we have Kaeleb's visa. After a 4 a.m. wakeup call, we will leave China in 12 hours! This is a bittersweet day as we prepare to leave the birth country of our youngest son. After our oath ceremony we came back to the Swan Room for pizza with the travel group.
A cheap bag to carry the goodies, and a cheap double stroller to carry the Goodies!

April and Kambry at Lucy's one last time.

Cutie pie!

At least two of us are packed!

I can't believe the time has come for us to go home ... and start the real journey. We have been so caught up in the adoption journey for the last 4.5 years, it's hard to grasp we could be leaving China for the last time, at least until a birthland tour. Oh, we will continue to ask the Lord, "What now?" And I can't imagine a grander blessing than the addition of our children. I want to share two things that happened today.
First, Kaeleb's 8-year-old friend, Tian, spoke with Rebecca today and told her that she knows Kaeleb because she would come down to play with the kids on his floor. She would not only play with Kaeleb, but would assist the nannies by handing them diapers and clothes. What a precious piece of his life puzzle!
Then as we were walking past Jordon's today, he came running outside and said, "Madam, if I don't see you again today, safe travel, and I will see you again," as he pointed up, to heaven! I couldn't stop the tears of joy over his passion for the Lord!
And finally, I want a glass of water that has more ice than liquid; I want my king size bed and memory foam pillow; I want to ride in the front seat of my car, belted in, as my husband drives the speed limit (or close to it); I want to hug my four kids I've been separated from for three weeks; I want to chase my toddlers through the house and play hide and seek; I want to go to my church; I want to see my family and friends; I want to eat fajitas ... but if I have to sacrifice any or all of these things to fulfill God's purpose for my life, so be it. It has been a joy sharing our journey with you, hearing from you and knowing we've been bathed in prayer. Thank you! In roughly 36 hours my youngest son will become a citizen of the United States, and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together as a family of eight. Signing off from Guangzhou ~ Connie


Sherri said...

That makes me so happy, Connie! We met him on our first trip to China when we were adopting Olivia 4 years ago. He was a Buddhist at that time and spent a lot of time asking us why Christians wanted to adopt China's babies. When we were there last year, he recognized us!!!!!!!!! We just saw him for a short time that trip. I'm so glad to see that he knows the Lord now!


jon-n-tracey said...

safe travels. thanks for sharing.

Heidi said...

Connnie, I hope you have a wonderful reunion with your family. I loved following your journey. I hope you have safe travels, Heidi

Anonymous said...

If you read this before you get home we can't wait to see you and are praying for safe and easy as possible travel. If you are home we are glad you are back!

Love and Prayers
Tina and Dale

erin said...

Hi Connie,
I've been following your journey via the October LID group and I just wanted to wish you safe travel home. Your little boy is so precious and I've enjoyed reliving China through your trip.
Can't wait till Kaleb can meet the rest of the family :-)

holly m. said...

Tears of Happiness for your family as you prepare to hold all of your loved ones close again. Praying safety on your journey home as you begin the best journey together with your whole family!!

God Bless you all,
Love, Holly M.:)

Kimi said...


I have enjoyed sharing your journey so much. It has been incredible from this end. You bless me and continually bring a smile to me face and heart. Safe travels and BIG(((HUGS)) from Texas.


Truly Blessed said...

Connie & family,

I've enjoyed following your journey to Kaeleb. I'm anxious to get to my own journey to bring home our sweet little girl.

God's blessings on your family. Don't forget to post pictures of your reunion!

Debbie and Sam said...

Fairwinds and following seas (or airstreams!) We followed your journey to Kambry before we picked up our daughter. It has been a delight to follow your journey to your son. Thanks for shareing with everyone.


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