Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17, CA

Wow, we are literally on the hourly countdown now! We didn't take many pictures today. We were busy making last-minute purchases and comparison shopping for luggage. Hard to believe we had our last supper at Lucy's tonight. The staff won't know what the think when our family doesn't show up again. We'll spend tomorrow ditching the extra "baby" things we don't need for the trip home, starting the meticulous repacking, more island shopping and then our oath ceremony at 3:00.
Finishing off a great day with ice cream at the deli. We had an awesome time of fellowship with the H family.
The mom doesn't handle the money in China; the dad does a great job!
Last supper at Lucy's. Notice who is NOT in the Ugli Snugli! He spent 3 hours in the stroller tonight, and ate breakfast in the high chair. We are seeing his true personality come through. He really is the sweet boy with contagious laughter that others have described. When I give him the bottle, I can't help but smile at him, and then he smiles so big he laughs. He is going to bring lots of laughter to our home.

Too many days in Suite 2438???? Daddy was really trying to convince Kaeleb the crib is ok.
I just love the beautiful flowers all over the island.

We will have a group pizza party tomorrow night, and we hope to get lots of pictures of the families we've been so blessed to spend time with. Thank you for praying for our health; everyone is doing much better. We'll post again before leaving, so until then ... blessings from GZ ~ Clayton, Connie, April, Kambry and Kaeleb


Martha said...

I've been anxiously waiting for your posts every day! I can't believe you're making those final purchases and packing arrangements. I also know how anxious you all are to get home to the rest of your family, your soft bed, your water, your frozen casseroles.

I'm glad everyone is feeling better and ready to travel. I pray you will have all safe, healthy, and calm trip home.

Martha M.

Momma Hen said...

We are counting down the hours with you, Connie!!! It is just such a blessing to see you and Clayton step out and obey the Father and even more of a blessing to see Mr. Kaeleb Jon with his forever family!!!
Love you all!

Sonya said...

The crib pic is a HOOT!!!

Kim said...

Connie! We're so ready for you guys to be back in the good 'ol USA. Had plans for a big airport surprise, but will be spending the day in the hospital with a grandma in surgery instead. Know our prayers are with your for a safe trip, and our hearts will be meeting you at the airport even if we are absent. HUGE hugs are flying your way!!

Anonymous said...

That is one sturdy crib! :). What a good dad! LOL


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