Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, Baiyan Mountain

We celebrated that Kaeleb spent a few minutes in the high chair at lunch time before melting down. He is doing so well!
Cheerios are good! Though he still doesn't chew, the cereal will eventually dissolve. He pockets food in his mouth and eventually it must come out!
More beautiful scenery at the Baiyan (White Cloud) Mountain today.

Our little group, including Rebecca and the H family. Tomorrow four more families will join us, including the Hills and Madi!

Daddy and Kambry watching the dancers from this perch on top of the mountain.

Going to supper.

I think it's official ~ we've tried everything on Lucy's menu, except the squid and prawn. We'll save that for someone else :)

Kambry and April being silly at supper. We really are tired!

Kaeleb continues to progress and bond. We are amazed each day. He will now respond to "Kaeleb." Neither of the kids ate well today and were not themselves. We've started Kambry on antibiotics because she is sick. Please pray that she recovers quickly and no one else catches the upper respiratory infections running rampant among the families. We are going to make a priority of getting the $12 seventy-minute massage! I feel like I've been sleeping on the ancient wooden bed with porcelain pillow! Sorry this is so short. April has an awesome detailed post about today's activities on her blog. We love you and miss you! Clayton, Connie, April, Kambry and Kaeleb.


Kim said...

We are playing a fun game called Tag your it! You will have to read my blog to find out details. I know you are very busy with your little ones, so join in only if you have the time and energy. We are so loving following your journey. It is great to see the progress Kaeleb is making.
Lifting you guys in prayer
Kim (and the clan)

JShannon said...

Malia still pockets her food although I find that she will chew and swallow the crunchier things (like cheerios and crackers) but pocket the softer stuff. We are still working on this but it has gotten much better now. It took about 6 months to "teach" her to chew.

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