Monday, March 3, 2008

Gotcha ~ The Rest of The Story ...

We had a very long day of counting down the hours. We were actually ready for breakfast by 7, had the luggage unpacked and the room organized (as much as possible with 2 cribs). April and I blogged while Clayton and Kambry took a mid morning nap, and finally at 12:30 decided we'd go to Lucy's and pretend to eat lunch! It was something to pass the time. We've met many families here, and had the privilege of meeting Jo and Dave, the family who visited the SWI and took the pix of Kaeleb last Thursday. We will also have lunch with another Lifeline family today and hope to catch up to other October/November LID families. Okay, back to the day ...Finally at 2 p.m. we met Rebecca in the lobby and drove to the Civil Affairs Office.

After about 15 minutes, the adoption representative from Foshan Nanhai walked in with the most beautiful boy. We were so surprised because his pictures make him look so big, but he only weighs 24 pounds and isn't very big at all. One of our missions today is to find a carrier ~ I insist on "wearing" him :)

Since we have not received an update from the orphanage, we really didn't know whether he was walking, on the bottle, potty trained or what. When I finally had to put him down to do paperwork we found that he loves to walk around objects, and can walk unsupported but will easily fall. He has not had any potty training, and he has 4 bottles each day that are more like porridge with the formula and rice cereal mixed. We gave him meat congee (rice cooked down to very thin consistency with tiny bits of soft meat) for supper, and he eagerly ate from the spoon but held the solids in his mouth. We will try smoother consistency today. And he wasn't too picky about his bottles. I mixed them as I was told, guessed at the temperature he'd prefer, cut a hole in the nipple, and he downed them, in my arms of course, looking up at me most of the time :) :) At the Civil Affairs Office Kambry was constantly telling stories and playing with Kaeleb. We learned his nick name is Hao Gao, which if pronounced incorrectly means monkey (perhaps fitting). Rebecca suggested we just call him Kaeleb.

You want my dinosaur, Mommy? I know in these pictures he appears to be making contact with us and laughing, but the truth is these were fleeting moments. He avoided eye contact and he was very quiet. He is a rough-houser! He is the King Monkey at the orphanage. His playmate is a little boy whose waiting family has named Aiden, and he climbs over his crib into Aiden's! And if other children try to take toys away from him, they are always unsuccessful. Hmm, he and Kambry have a lot in common! She was so precious to watch. She would squeal, "Bubba," and play cars with him. Then in the van she stroked his arm. Kaeleb doesn't know how to use a sippy cup, but he can drink from a regular cup with assistance.
Is this Heaven? I just need the other four!
Trust me when I say those cheeks ARE kissable!
He was so tired from his 2 hour trip and his rock-my-world day that he fell asleep in my arms during our ride back to the hotel. And did I mention, Daddy is smitten!
This has been an amazing day. All the paperwork, interviews, clearances, applications and waiting have brought us to the beginning of the real journey ~ life with our newest son. It is a day I will treasure forever. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting. Since I brought winter clothes for both children, after supper at Lucy's we shopped a little, but the kids were so tired we came back for a quick bath, bottles and bed. Kaeleb has had a cold and still has a runny nose. Kambry is a bit congested also. We have medicine for that, if necessary. Kambry fell asleep in Daddy's arms after her bedtime bottle, and I gave Kaeleb his bottle, as he stroked my "funny looking" hair. When I asked his bedtime routine, I was told, "Oh, easy. Give bottle and turn out light." Well, this mommy held him for a while, then placed him in his crib and he very soon drifted off to sleep. I've been waking up every hour just to look at him! It's now only 3:45 a.m., but we went to bed pretty early and there just isn't any sleep left in me! Kaeleb has been reserved, as we expected, but even by the end of the day he was beginning to open up. I look forward to watching him blossom with each coming day. Today we will go to the Civil Affairs Office at 10:00 to complete the adoption paperwork, then we'll go shopping for more appropriate clothing. We will visit the orphanage on Saturday. It will be a very emotional day, I'm sure, but will hold precious answers to questions my son will have many years from now. Thank you so much for your prayers, your comments and emails. I have been writing through tears as I realize how God has not only led us down this amazing path, but many times carried us through the fire. God is so very good, all the time!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, thank you for the pictures and the update. Smiles, prays and hugs.

Martha said...

Connie! I've been checking your blog all day - looking at the pics again and waiting for more info, all the while knowing it is too early in China to expect a post. I should've known better. Following you in this journey is such a gift. Thanks for the privilege.

Those cheeks!!!!! Smooch!!!!


Tammy said...

Connie~I was tearing up as I read your post. Sometimes it seems like it will never happen. Thank you for reminding me that one day soon it will. I'm so happy for your family!

I can't wait to meet all of you!


Kate said...

What wonderful news. Congratulations.
(Alice' proud Mummy and another Autumn Dreamer in Wales, UK)

tinacornelison said...

Connie so glad to see your post with pictures of your precious son. He looks darling. Praying the remainder of your trip goes well.


Truly Blessed said...

Oh Connie,

I'm just back from vacation in time to see your wonderful news! Kaeleb is gorgeous and I didn't realize you were bringing Kambry as well.

I'll have lots of questions for you about traveling with the two of them, as we're probably going to be bringing Katie along when we go to get Ella.

Congratulations again, on your beautiful (and growing!) family!

Kelly in Michigan ("notallboysanymore" from the Oct 07/08 Yahoo group)

Sherri said...

Congratulations! What an amazing story!

You are blessed!


Candi said...

Wow! I cannot imagine having to wait those last few moments to see him, knowing he was in the building. I love checking the blog everyday. I will pray for you and especially your kids here, as I know they miss you terribly.

blessedbeyondmeasure said...

So glad to hear he is doing well! He reminds me so much of J....still on the bottle, same age, not quite mobile just wonderful that you get to take part in alot of those moments with him and have all those added ways to bond!


Linda said...

Connie, he is precious! What a precious gift from God! I can tell you from my experience with another little boy that has a similar spirited look in his eye, you are in for big belly laughs and a maybe a few giggles that you try to hide behind your hands while you try to scold him for being naughty!

In Him,

Howard and Kim said...

I should have known I'd need tissue close by... beautiful story. Precious family. We love you!

Pam said...

Sounds like a wonderfully, exhausting kind of day! ;o) I'm so glad I have been along for the ride!

The luckiest mommy in the world said...

It was just over 1 year ago (Feb 1) that Olivia was placed in our arms from the exact same orphanage in the exact same room.

Thanks for the memories.


Anonymous said...

He is so precious! Same age as Alaina and about the same size. Thank you God for answered prayers.
Debbie J.

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