Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, Amusement Park

Today is Friday (is that right??). We went as a group with the Hs to the children's park, and it was a slow-paced hour and a half of fun. My kind of amusement park, no roller coasters :) Kambry and Kaeleb are learning to communicate a little more. Still not sure what they're saying to each other, but sometimes it's very sweet. Here she's holding his hand.

Yep, April is in her element, amusement park! I love this picture. Clayton was trying to catch Kaeleb and I as we came around, and each time he just got April: "It's me again!"
Max's favorite ride besides the stroller, the teeter totter.

Kambry enjoyed the panda ride.


I love my bubba, most of the time!

Kambry update: she was feeling much better this morning, but by afternoon not so good again. I'm glad we started the antibiotic. Still lots of Bungee Bugars but as long as we have Kleenex and Motrin, we can survive.
Kaeleb update: he spends a lot of time quality testing things. So far, very few items pass the Kaeleb Quality Exam. All boy! He is waking up from naps much happier, less confused.
Daddy update: he's trading the dumplings for the fitness center :)
April update: she seems to be getting the upper respiratory thing again. We had planned a massage this afternoon, but she's not up to it. She's started her antibiotic to nip this thing in the bud!
Mommy update: I'm healthy as a horse ~ somebody's gotta keep this crew going :)
Three or four more Small World and Lifeline families flew into Guangzhou today and will join us in the morning for the medical exam. So we've gone from a single family van, to a 10 passenger van to a bus! We're going to Cow and Bridge for chicken and noodle soup tonight. Blessings from GZ!

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