Wednesday, March 26, 2008

By demand, airport pix :)

Waiting ...
Finally in sight! Slightly out of order, but you get the idea :)


Am I the star or what???
Tina has been waiting 3 weeks to hold her Kambry :)Yakity yak
We've come a long way, baby :)

Thank you, Devera, for your special gift of capturing these precious moments for the third time! I know it's a sacrifice to stand behind the camera instead of participate in the moment. And thank you, Debbie, for the video ~ what a gift! Thanks to all who stood at the airport at 10 p.m. waiting on our weary family. And thank you to those who were there in spirit. We sure did draw a crowd, if I remember right.


Vicky said...

Welcome home !! I enjoyed your journey and the tears wont stop streaming down my face looking at your homecoming pictures !!

Vicky from NY
Mom to a little Hunan princess

**i want to go back now and get a little boy !

Heidi said...

Connie that is so wonderful to see! Thanks for sharing, Heiid

Rachelle said...

I'm sure its nice to be home, welcome back.

Sonya said...

TEARY EYES......LOVE those pics!
AWESOME!!! I just love homecoming pictures thank you so much for sharing!!!


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