Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poor Kambry

We now know why Kambry was a miserable traveler. When she wasn't acting like herself and we noticed green stuff coming from her right ear we got an appointment with the doctor and discovered her right eardrum had burst. 24 hours on antibiotic and eardrops and she's more like the sweet Kambry we love.
In the doctor's waiting room.
Hello, Buddy, you in there?
Chillin' after lunch
He loves his meals, but when he's done, he's done! Kaeleb will try most foods, but he's still not chewing so Mom tried her hand at congee. Can you believe it, I made congee? (It's really very easy, but who knew). Apparently I did it right because he loves it! One batch should last him a week! Actually, I'm going to start adding things to it, like veggies, then meat, eggs and so on. Eventually he will learn to chew.

Kambry and "Asheee"

Kayden is ready to go to her friend, A's, birthday party. She was just a little excited

Pure bliss! Two sleeping babies. Last night they both slept from 9 p.m. to after 8 this morning! We can live with this!

And Daddy is installing latches before something gets broken! We can barely walk through the kitchen after Kambry and Kaeleb have made a pass.

In the next few days we should have the pictures from the disposable camera taken by the orphanage and the airport pics. We'll share as soon as we get them. We are so glad to be home and celebrate Easter tomorrow. I don't think we'll make the sunrise service, but we're going to try to be on time for Sunday School! May you have a blessed Easter. He is risen!!!!


Heidi said...

Those pictures are adorable Connie. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Heidi

Mark and Lori said...

Oh my! Poor Kambry is right! After what I went through on the way to China, my heart goes out to her ... how miserable she must have been. We MISS you guys already! Lori
Ps He is Risen Indeed!!

Truly Blessed said...

Connie & family,

What a great trip you had, but I know how glad you are to be home again!

Poor sweet Kambry, she must have been in such pain. So glad she's on the upswing now.

Glad you're home, and I hope you had a Happy Easter!!


April said...

HE HAS RISEN INDEED! I am wondering how you are finding the time to blog. My desire has left me, but I hope that it comes back soon. It is good to be home, but as I look at the blog's I begin to miss China....... Love you all

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