Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8, SWI visit Part II

This is precious Aiden. His Mommy and Daddy will be here soon!

Children in Kaeleb's room, estimated ages 7-24 months

Happy cleft-affected girl

Precious boy

Giggling girl

Reserved girl/boy?


Precious girl with lots of hair


Very happy girl

Precious boy

Active boy

Happy boy

Heart-stealing girl

The twins!

All these babies are paper ready, but do not have parents ... yet!
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27


Bryan said...

Thank you for showing us Kaeleb's friends! They are all so beautiful! We will be praying for these kiddos! I wish I could bring more then one home at a time!

Jodi Sue :)

Anonymous said...


I am loving following your blog, and so thankful you have the time to write for all of us...the pictures today of all the children...breathe in, breathe out, whew.

Truly Blessed said...

What beautiful children. I'm sure all of them will have families soon.

I can't believe the SWI let you take pictures of so many kiddos -- we were instructed to NOT take any pictures of the babies at my daughter's SWI (I'm surprised they didn't take our cameras away from us to make sure!).

Anonymous said...


Your last two posts have left me speachless. I shed tears that were heavy with so many different emotions! What a special, special day for all of you.

You have been such a blessing to James and I and you continue to do that all the way from China! Thank you friend, we love you and pray that you are feeling better.

Come Home Soon!
James and Amy

Aaron and Erica said...


I'm so glad you are feeling better. These children are all beautiful. I would take any of them (or several of them if the CCAA would allow :)


Sonya said...

OH MY! this post has my heart crying out to God for China to speed up!!! Let these beautiful babies go home with parents who are wanting them so badly, it hurts! Those sweet faces and beautiful eyes!!!!

Amy said...

Oh all those babies! How adorable :)

bb said...

Thank you for sharing these pics with us. How special. Would love to hear more about the twins. Boys, girls, or one of each??? How precious. And the heart stealing girl is so adorable!
I hope they all have new homes soon. Safe journeys. And Kaeleb is just precious!

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