Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, Medical Examination

Who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord? Who can ever praise Him half enough? Psa 106:2 (nlt)

The most amazing thing happened this morning at breakfast, and I cry happy tears every time I think about it! These happy parents received their precious daughter last Monday, and every time she sees Kaeleb at breakfast she comes to play with him. We've chatted with them but knew we had plenty of time to visit more in depth. Yesterday her mother made the comment that Kaeleb is the only child she really pays attention to, and April casually asked where she is from. The reply: Foshan Nanhai!!! Immediately I said his Chinese name, and she lit up. This darling girl probably helped take care of Kaeleb on weekends. It's obvious they enjoy seeing each other. He is as tickled as she is! So we have exchanged contact information and plan to keep the two of them in touch. If you could see the number of families here in this huge place, you'd understand what a miracle this is. And the fact that my son and their daughter are here at the same time is even more miraculous. Nothing but the orchestration of God Almighty!
And then for the medical exam. Lungs ~ check!

Ya' think he's unhappy?

As horrible as this looks, it provides an excellent opportunity for Mommy to comfort him, and she seized the moment!
Huh??? This sign is in the waiting area between the three exam rooms. And we're finished! April and Kambry stayed in the room to play.

Then it was lunch time. If you're tired of Lucy's, make paper airplanes.
Or sleep.
We had a group dinner at Cow and Bridge!

This was an amazing day in so many ways! First, there was the breakfast encounter, then we finally got to meet the rest of the families in the group. We had breakfast with the Hills, and Madi is adorable! There are six families in all, with the children ranging from a 9-mo-old girl to a 3-year-old boy, and every one is amazing! We've certainly enjoyed being spoiled by Rebecca for so long, but it's great to finally meet and interact with other families. All the kids are showing remarkable progress. In addition to Mama, Kaeleb said "Dada" today! In the afternoon we met to complete paperwork for the Consulate on Monday, then we all walked to Cow and Bridge for a great time of fellowship (and food!)

Sunday we are meeting at 9:30 for the Red Couch and group picture, then we're off to the zoo! Monday we need to stay by the phone so Rebecca can call us after the Consulate Appointment to tell us everything is fine. Then in the afternoon we're going shopping at the plaza, then taking the Pearl River boat cruise in the evening. Tuesday morning we're going to the toy market, then going to the Consulate for our oath taking ceremony in the afternoon. Wednesday morning we will meet in the lobby at 5:30 a.m. to leave for the airport ... and that means starting the 29 hour journey home!!!!

Please continue to pray for our health. All of us except Kaeleb are now on antibiotic. April has lost her voice, but she feels much better. I'll leave you with some pictures Ladena sent from home. I think the kids are growing up while we're gone!

We love and miss you! Blessings from GZ ~ Clayton, Connie, April, Kambry and Kaeleb!

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Barb said...

Pearl River Cruise is nice. We took it 7 years ago. As you know, Chinese food is not Fred's favorite but I'll usually try most things. Well.....the food on the cruise when we took it was little much for me particularly when I saw chicken claws in my food. It may have changed now but giving you a heads up. Cruise itself was enjoyable though.


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