Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20, We're Home!

Just wanted to let you know we made it! Our plane landed in OKC at 9:50 p.m. as scheduled last night. We had an awesome welcome home gathering at the airport, and I can't wait to share the pictures.
Leaving the White Swan at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. No, we are not awake :)

Our first flight, from GZ to Tokyo. We didn't know how good this one was until the following flight!
From Tokyo to Dallas. Kaeleb was a trooper and slept most of the way. Kambry, on the other hand, cried and screamed several hours. I think I know why now. She has either a sinus or ear problem ~ poor baby.

Waiting for immigration. Between the five of us we checked 10 bags (what??), carried 5 backpacks, a double stroller, a porcelain tea set and the laptop.
Making the final walk to see waiting family and friends. April and I were so excited we could hardly stand it!
Kaeleb sporting some of the new duds the kids bought for him.

Jetlag at 6:30 p.m.? You bet!
We are so grateful to be home! All our flights were on time, amazingly enough. The kids both did well on the first flight, but by the time we left Tokyo Kambry had had enough. She didn't travel well after that. We were dreading a 5-hour layover in Dallas and hoping to catch an earlier flight to OKC, but we had no idea what was ahead. Immigration was a nightmare. Basically, all the immigration officers processed 5 international flights before they would process the citizenship paperwork for 8 families. We sat waiting for over 3 hours, ridiculous! We literally walked up to our gate as boarding began for our final flight. That's one way to kill a layover, but not what we had in mind. All was soon forgotten as we landed in OKC on time and couldn't wait to see our kids we'd been missing for three weeks! We had an awesome reunion! Kaeleb was his usual joyful self and charmed everyone. Thank you all for meeting us and driving us home!!!! Once we were home, the kids wanted to play with their new brother, and he was more than willing. It didn't take him long to discover the toy drawer (used to be my tupperware, but I gave up on that) and scatter things throughout the house. Finally, at 3 a.m. we all went to bed. Kambry woke up 2 hours later and wouldn't go back to sleep, screaming and crying. Thank goodness Daddy dealt with that and let me sleep. I guess tonight will be my turn :) Right now the two munchkins are out cold, and we're right behind them. Kaeleb loves his siblings and vice versa. We had a great first day home, getting very little done! Thank you for leaving us voice mails, emails and comments to welcome us home. We'll probably be ready to answer the phone tomorrow :) Of course, we'll post airport pix and updates, so stay tuned ... Blessings from one tired mommy!


blessedbeyondmeasure said...

So glad you are home my friend! Praying you all get some much needed rest and catch up time with all the kids! Life will get back to itself soon enough....enjoy your first few days home!


Howard and Kim said...

Tired, but tired at home. How wonderful!! I can't wait for a good old fashioned visit. Welcome home to our dear, dear friends!
We love you!

Mark and Lori said...

Glad you made it home ... I bet you were so tired. We hope to keep in touch as our adventures continue! Lori

Kim said...

Welcome Home guys! We are glad to read that you are safe and home. I know that reunioun with your kiddos had to be fantastic. Hope you are able to get some rest.
Brad and Kim

Anonymous said...

OMG, WELCOME HOME!!!! I kept checking your site. Thank you again for sharing your amazing journey. Have a joyful Easter. Jacque

Anonymous said...

OMG, WELCOME HOME!!!! I kept checking your site. Thank you again for sharing your amazing journey. Have a joyful Easter. Jacque

Martha said...

Welcome Home!!!!!!!! Tired at home is so much better than tired anywhere else. Enjoy all those kids and comforts.


Sonya said...

Glad you are home! YOU KNOW everyone will get on USA time cause you have been there done that!!!!
praying for the adjustment to go speedy!



holly m. said...

Welcome to your home, everyone!! Hopefully Kamry will be feeling better soon.
Excited to see your homecoming pics with the rest of your family!

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