Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16, Red Couch, Zoo

Kaeleb and his friend, Tian, from Foshan Nanhai.
Yeah, today was a big day: 2 meals in the high chair and some time in the stroller! It really was a day of milestones.
Kaeleb and his new friend, Steven. (ever notice my kids are rarely fully clothed??)

Behold the cuteness!

Time in the stroller

If only a girl could relax.

More cuteness: Hudson, Max, Kaeleb, Emma, Jada, Madi

Are we there yet? We want to come home. Monday is our CA. We have 2 more full days here. We can do this! Love~ Clayton, Connie, April, Kambry and Kaeleb


Anonymous said...

wow, all this traveling and still 30 hours from home. we prayed for everyone at church, especially for April and Kambry to feel better for the trip home. We can't wait to see you on Wednesday.

Brian, Amanda and the rest of them

holly m. said...


Your babies are adorable!! Love the pictures of Kambry and Kaeleb looking at the fishies. Not supper is it??:)

Home is right around the corner and the time will be here before you know it. Still praying for all of you. Hope everyone is feeling ok! Safety on your flights home.

Truly Blessed said...


We had a similar situation when we went down to breakfast one day and our 11 month old daughter was mesmerized by the twin babies at the next table -- it turns out these girls were her "cribmates" and they recognized each other after more than a week with their new families.

Of course we exchanged information and will keep up with this family forever. Aren't we blessed to have that link for our sweet children? God is, indeed, GREAT!

I know you're looking forward to coming home and seeing the rest of your kiddos, and getting back to "normal" (or the new normal for you!). Only a few more days now.

Kelly (from the 10/10 DTC group)

Tim Stowell said...


Hello from Tian's baba, who just found the picture of Kaeleb and Tian together!


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