Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday is Canon Day!!!

Oh my, I'm just as excited to draw as you are to win!
Our giveaway ends approximately 11 a.m. CST tomorrow ~ Monday, November 1!
You still have time to get in ~ just click on the Chip-In button on the sidebar. Our goal is to raise enough to send our dossier to Ch*na once we get C*S approval, so every dollar helps us bring Kasidi Joy home!
Thanks to those who have already chipped in, linked and blogged!
$25 = 1 opportunity
$50 = 3 opportunities, etc...
Blog post, blog link, FB link, FB post = additional opportunity!
Leave a comment or email me to let me know you've linked or posted.


Marjorie said...

YAY! I finally remembered and just in the nick of time too! :) I love the song you have on this page.

Chris said...

I should have 2 entries I guess...I wanted to leave a message w/ my chip-in, but somehow clicked past it.

Anita said...

Girl...will ya look at that Chip In! BLESSED!!! :)

AND we can't wait....1 week from today and we'll be jammin' together for the Lord and the orphan and OUR kids!!


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