Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Saturday!

What an amazing day we had yesterday! Thank you, Gael and Therron, for fearlessly opening your brand new, beautiful home to us! If my math is right, there were 6 families ~ with 30 kids!!!
Clayton and Miss Mia
Dad and Kooper
Kaeleb and Ethan
Kooper serving
Kolton, Levi and Mr. Brad
Kenzie and Mr. Brad
The group, minus 3 who had already headed home :(
Now the goofy face, please
It was a time of catching up, goofing off and celebrating God's faithfulness! After all, 14 of these 27 kiddos were born in our hearts!
I just have to say that my dark-headed teen son did amazing, and I'm so proud of him! Yesterday he was a 'normal' teen! Wait...that's an oxymoron!


Anita said...

OH WHAT FUN!!!! Perfect family fun times and looks like everyone had someone so that the mommas and the poppas/babas could chat too!! Trying NOT to be jealous! ;) We gotta do it here soon...though you may have to bring more with you as I think we're out numbered. HA!

Serving the King said...

Love days like that!! And gracious 30 kids between you?! How great is that?!!

Sammy said...

Looks like fun was had by all!!

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