Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October!

Did you know October is Adoption Fundraising Month? Well, at least for us it is :) Ain't gonna lie ~ I'm tired! But I've got boundless energy in Jesus and motivation in these monkeys:
The Joy we are running the race for...
...The goofy ones who make me laugh!

October means ~
~Only 30 days till our Canon giveaway! (thank you for your contributions!)
~Our newest Treasures will soon be home 11 months!
~We are 1 month closer to Kasidi Joy!
~We have 3 fundraisers within 22 days!
~Oktoberfest this weekend
~Cheese Festival next weekend
~Garage sale 22nd and 23rd
If you see the Ringwood Gold rig runnin' down the road today, it's not carrying sweet corn; it's hauling 275 mums to the festival!
We would treasure your prayers!


The Kings said...

My goodness your Kasidi is a doll!! How your arms must ache to hold that bundle of sweetness!!

Adeye said...

Aaahhh....look that that sweet little angel :) PRAYING and trusting with you for an enormous outpouring of PROVISION. I linked to your blog last night.

Lori said...

You know I'm praying!!

And that picture? Gracious, even though I've seen it just melts my heart to a puddle. I just know how much you're itching to nibble on that sweet thing!

Call me next week...assuming things slow down for you a bit. Yeah, right. :)

Love you!

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