Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here Goes!

We are set up for Oktoberfest! Yesterday was a l.o.n.g. day! When we arrived at the nursery we discovered the mums were huge, and we were only able to haul 170 on the trailer. But that's ok, we'll pick up the other 105 next Thursday for the Cheese Festival!
The sun was going down as we closed up our tent and took these pix. The booth looks beautiful, thanks to April!!!

Have a blessed weekend, and thank you for your prayers!


Anita said...

The FIRST thing I thought when I saw your post come up was..."girl, what are you doing up at this hour?"!! LOL!! And then I thought..."same thing I am....fundraising to bring our children home"!

The booth looks WONDERFUL!! Makes me want to come out and buy some of those mums and I would if we weren't on Day Two of Kaleb's Yard Sale.

Praying for you all as we are praying it in here too!! HUGS!!

Oh and ya might want to know that the "word verification" for my post is "obsess".....yea I think we are BOTH obsessed with the Lord's blessing of adoption in our families!!

Jodi said...

Beautiful!!! Praying for you today!
Love you Con!!! Text me and keep me updated on your sales!!! The excitement to bring Kasidi Joy is every where!!!

Lori said...

Love it!! Keep me updated on how it's going. I'll be praying.

LJ said...

The booth looks wonderful! Just wish I lived close enough to stop by. Best of luck!!

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