Friday, October 15, 2010

Next Year!

I love all the fun pictures of families visiting punkin' patches! We've talked about growing a punkin' patch right after corn harvest, but we've been too exhausted to carry it out. It would be such a fun family thing... so next year Mr. Greenthumb will have a punkin' patch!

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Mrs. U said...

Hi Connie!!!!
I couldn't find your email on the blog (and of COURSE I will find it as soon as I leave this comment!! LOL!!!), but I was wondering if all the fundraisers y'all have done are listed on your blog here??? I'm getting some ideas on paper for WHEN sweet husband decides he's ready for our next adoption!! LOL!!! Of course, I'm ready to start TODAY, but he's not quuuuuuuuite that ready. HA!!

Anyway, I just want to get some ideas on paper for, ahem, future use!!


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