Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear 'Lockbox'

Dear Lockbox~
I'm sure there's an explanation somewhere for you, but I haven't found it. Where are you? What are you? Why are you?

Are you some time-space concept, like the Never-Never land of adoption paperwork, a blip in time where a family's paperwork simply disappears from the radar?

You even have an email address! Really? I mean, if in two weeks' time my $830 check hasn't even been cashed, how long will it take you to respond to my email?

Maybe you are a therapeutic gap in time to allow me to re-think adoption. You know, that last straw of discouragement to break the camel's back, one last chance to keep me from jumping off the proverbial cliff. What you should know is, I've got family members who've already tried to talk me out of adoption, people who openly call me 'crazy'...so for this time of reconsideration - thank you, no!

I can't imagine the water cooler chatter of those in your employ: "It's probably time to shift the stacks. Go ahead and turn that one over. Maybe this application will be ripe next week."

Surely you are of the enemy. But get one thing straight ~ by this point we are committed. And in several months when our paperwork once again lands on your premise, when we're nearly out of our minds waiting, we're still committed. Because we run this race with the strength of One who is so much greater than you!

You are a distraction, a weapon of discouragement. After all, I should be sleeping now, or working, and here I am, thinking about you.

I realize you are a gap in time which, once I hold my daughter, will be quickly forgotten, but for now you are a thorn in my side.

Oh, I know my query will go unanswered. But sometimes adoptive parents just need to get these things off our chests.

One of Many Adoptive Parents Waiting for You to Make the Next Move


Serving the King said...

Ok girl you need to print this out AND SEND IT TO THEM!! I just had my own lockbox post meltdown a week or so ago. We went three weeks with no check cashing(and thus I knew no forwarding on of paperwork) our adjudicator made a call and what do you know, the next day I wake up to an email, text of receipt and a cashed check the day after that. So, SO frustrating!!!!

Anita said...

DITTO here!! LOVE IT!! Ya gotta wonder what is happening down there. Remember our NBC Officer telling me we weren't the only ones whose check/paperwork had been "lost", "misplaced", whatever term you'd like to use. It'll be found and you'll be on to the next step lickety split! :)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh girl... I understand! It took forever for them to cash our check. I called and they told me that our file had not even been created. She opened our case while I waited on the phone and then things sped up from there. I am almost certain there sits a chip on someone's shoulder in that office.

But YES....the Mighty One is in control!

Rachel said...

Love this! I totally relate and understand. Waiting patiently is really hard work! Especially when it is your child you are waiting for. Praying for your mommy heart!

The Ferrill's said...

Goodness gracious, is the lockbox holding things up? Oh Connie...
Praying you hear something TOMORROW!

DebM said...

I LOVE this post!!! What IS the lockbox? and WHY?????

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