Monday, October 11, 2010

One Mum at a Time

God is so creative! As I reflect back over this weekend I see His fingerprints all over it! He's teaching me valuable lessons, some of which I'm sure if I'd catch on sooner He'd move the process along at a little faster pace ;-) We got to share about adoption, faith, China...and April even got to answer the 'why China, not here' question.

I admit I'm not great at waiting, and I'm not a craft show kinda gal...and yet, the last two weekends I've gotten a taste of both. We raised almost $700 this weekend, and watched God do some amazing things!

In my 'wisdom' I personally saw no reason our home study couldn't be completed about 2 weeks ago (just add 'social worker' to my list of self-proclaimed specialties: nurse, short-order cook, laundry-mat operator, pencil pusher, referee - NOT!) After all, I've had the substantiating documents ready to send to C*S for weeks now. Only two things missing ~ the approved home study AND the $830! Last week I told you the mountains God moved to get a certain fee waived and get our study approved by our placing agency. After that we needed to wait for our study agency to get the proper signatures, then it would arrive in the mail at our SW's home possibly today, she'd get the notaries, and I could drive a couple hours and pick it up...then I realized the mail doesn't run today - sad day!

God stepped in, as only He does! A few hours before the show closed Saturday I got an email from our SW that our study had arrived in her mail THAT DAY, and she'd have it ready for me to pick up TODAY! And best of all, God has supplied the funds to send everything to C*S! All in His perfect timing. When will I ever learn that my plans are so puny compared to His?!? He can fund a $30,000 adoption one $15 mum at a time if He chooses!

Here are the fundraisers we've got lined up so far:
Garage sale October 22-23
Canon giveaway November 1
Holiday Bizarre November 20
Parents' Christmas Shopping Night Out December ?

..."My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."...
2 Cor 12:19

Stay tuned ~ tonight I will post about 'braces and bugs.' We're off to the orthodontist!


Erica Hami said...

Just curious, do you mind sharing how you answer 'why China, not here'. Someone recently went on a rant towards me when I tweeted about adoption and shared a link to reece's rainbow. I didn't know how to handle it. I just shared I thought any adoption was worthwhile.

Anita said...

Connie, I understand. I would LOVE for the Lord to swoop down and hand it all to us in one lump sum, but then I realize all the people who are hearing about adoption and beginning to understand God's heart...SO...once again HIS plan is always so much better than mine. Praising for all those pretty mums that were sold to bring Kasidi home and all the hearts who were touched because of it! :) AND WOOT WOOT girlfriend that you are getting that home study today! YES JESUS!! I'm sooo excited for you! :)

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