Thursday, February 21, 2008

Travel itenerary, etc.

It's been a loooong day, but I'm happy to say we have booked flights and scheduled our Beijing tours! We will depart very early next Thursday, February 28, and return home late Wednesday, March 19. Not sure whether the "to-do" list is getting shorter or longer. Above is my menu and shopping list for over 21 meals to prepare and freeze over the weekend. And below is Kenzie holding the very simple announcement I designed for Kaeleb's homecoming. I already have one packed and ready to mail home from China. As for packing, I have so much "help," I'm about to give up!


Tammy said...

Can you believe it's finally happening?! I'm so excited for you guys! Did you decide to go to Beijing last?

Aaron and Erica said...

Next Thursday??!! THAT IS WONDERFUL! I'm so happy for you, and I will continue to pray for you and your growing family :)


Ashley Winters said...

Congratulations! How wonderful that you are bringing home your sweet new son.

Kimi said... are doing GREAT...i am impressed with your organization. I love the idea about sending an announcement home from China, I wish I did that with Max.

You are leaving for China on my birthday...I will be celebrating for you as well.

Have a good and productive day,

David, Shelly and the girls said...

I am so excited for your family. Now that we BOTH have six kiddos, can we be done? We could call a truce.
Just kidding! I hope your sixth brings you as much joy as ours does.
Shelly Cline

Livin' out loud said...


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