Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kaeleb's SWI

This is Kaeleb's Social Welfare Institute in Foshan Nanhai, Guangdong, China. It appears to be very clean, and the staff is open to visitors and allows families to take a few pictures of the children waiting for their Forever Families. We don't have a solid itenerary yet, but our Gotcha Day is scheduled for Monday, March 3, and we plan to visit the SWI on Thursday, March 6.

From the Nanhai Social Welfare Center:
Brief introduction of children welfare department
----Children welfare department belongs to Nanhai welfare center of Nanhai district. The main function of the department is adopting deserted orphans, finding parents for those abandoned babies, healing and educating the handicapped children, developing the virtue of helping the weak, educating the young, assisting the handicapped, curing the sick.----The department was run at June first, 2002, the department building occupies 3000 centiare of building area and 200 beds. In order to ensure the habitation and condition for the children, there are lawn, flower, outdoor activity field, alcove and corridor et al. around the department building. The fitment inside the building is neat, bright and gentle. Establishment for cordially life have washing room, room for preparing milk, dining room et al.

---In order to ensure the need of hospitalizing for the children, a separated care unit, an infirmary and a therapy unit are set up in the department, and there equip phlegm absorbing machine, oxygen absorbing equipment, air sterilizing machine, ambulance, transfusion equipment and medicine-chest et al. There are full time doctors and nurses on duty day and night, they can cure common diseases and frequently occurred diseases in time.----In order to ensure those orphan and crippled obtain healing and primary education, there are habilitating doctors and special teachers in the department, they carry out systematic habilitation for children with brain paralysis, weak intelligent, limp crippled, give special education to different characters, and offer outdoor activity, primary study, habilitating exercitation. ----In order to give the children opportunity to obtain their families and live happily, the adopting project is developed domestically.
---We develop our Chinese traditional virtue of helping the weak, educating the young, assisting the handicapped, curing the sick, we develop assisting and adopting activity in the department, so enthusiastic people in society can give their affection to these orphan and crippled children, they give their help hand and foster these orphan and crippled children.----In order to solve the problem of taking care of crippled children for some families, we welfare department especially set up family consigning service, there equip a group of high quality special teacher, habilitating doctors, nutrition, alimentation doctors, doctors and nurses and managers. They can help needed children to enhancing life ability and language ability, help them adapt society early and grow healthily.-----we acknowledge wholeheartedly favors and affection from all circles of society, the orphan and crippled children can recept happy life.

It is located here:
Indoor play area
Outdoor play area


Livin' out loud said...

They have done a lot with their space! It looks completely geared to the children they serve. What a blessing!!

April said...

This would make any mom breathe a sigh of release. Wow the place looks wonderful. I love thier mission statement too. I can't wait to see it.....

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