Monday, February 11, 2008

Catching up

I have to admit, I'm really bummed we won't be leaving for China next Monday, but it hit me today - we will go to China! Don't know just when, but we will go. And I have to pack for everyone in this house - 3 for China and 3 to be farmed out to a gracious family who will even feed the college kid when he comes home :) Maybe I'll start packing Saturday. Here's a recap of our weekend: We traveled to Kansas for a funeral, and we were so close to some friends we just couldn't NOT stop and see them, even though we only had about 45 minutes before they left for their CNY celebration.
Clayton was a hit with the two youngest.
Lots of story-telling going on here! Thanks, C&T, for letting us barge in on your Saturday!
Then Sunday afternoon was our local stock show. Daddy and two of his girls.
She probably needs a leash :)
Kolton showing his doe Boer goat.
Anyone who knows me knows I'm a home body. I don't like to be so busy that we don't spend time as a family, and I can't stand the chaos that busy-ness creates. I don't like to get so far behind that I don't know where to start! But it happens occasionally, and that's life. Tonight after enchiladas I forgot the mound of laundry, the dirty floor, and we baked Valentine's cookies. I love these times! (I hope everyone has clean clothes for school tomorrow.)
And Daddy stuffed our grant support letters, while being serenaded by the lovely Miss Kambry.
On a more serious note, my mom is finally over the flu and back at the hospital. My dad is capable of an hour or so of lucid conversation each day. He knows the decision he needs to make for the Lord, but he just won't budge, yet. I pray that God will remove the callouses and open his heart. I pray the seeds that have been planted would soon reap a harvest.


Martha said...

I am so proud of you for dropping things long enough to bake those cookies. We need to do that more often, don't we?

I remember three years ago waiting for CNY to be over so we could travel to China. Pesky holiday ;) Maybe the spring weather in Guanzhou will be ready to greet you VERY soon.

Prayers for your family,

Amy said...

Your family is wishes on a speedy TA!

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