Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy day project

We didn't go to the hospital today for several reasons. Dad had a rough night and was really confused this morning, the weather was bad, and there are many people hospitalized with the flu, something we definitely don't need. So ... what to do? Umm, does this count as packing?
We de-cluttered closets, drawers and toy boxes. This goes to goodwill, and there were six bags that went to the trash!
Kolton and Kaeleb's closet after a lot of cleaning :)

More of the same. Kambry's closet after getting rid of lots of clothes.
We have our very own marching band. This is indicative of the normal noise level in our house!
As I was taking pictures I noticed all my furniture is knick-knack free. Kambry has either hidden or broken most of the items :) Oh well, clutter really overwhelms me. We had a very productive day. All in all, we're acting like we might be leaving in a few weeks. The suitcases are in the boys' room with all those wal-mart sacks thrown in them! Now, come on TA already!


Jill and Rick said...

Oh Connie, I envy those closets!!! We are in the middle of painting and moving the kids rooms around and I'm afraid things are getting worse before they get better!!

Looks like you had a wonderfully productive day.


Kim said...

I think I could use your organizational help around my house. Your house looks great, and it looks so filled with fun, laughter, and love.
Hoping you get that surprise TA this next week.

Kimi said...

Hey Connie,

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

Doesn't it feel so good getting rid of stuff. I did that yesterday myself, not to the same degree as you but you were not just organizing, you were NESTING :-). I am full of tears right now feeling your joy and anticipation. I am watching everyday for your TA to arrive...COME ON TA....Kaeleb needs his mama holding him in her arms and covering those sweet cheeks with kisses....soon so very soon.

You will be in my prayer,

Heidi said...

Hi Connie,

I am keeping your dad in my thoughts. I really hope he pulls through... who knows maybe in his heart he has accepted God... just a thought. I am waiting with you in anticipation of your trip to get Kaleb. I also am envied by how nice Kalebs closet is... I wish I had that set up. I need to get a little more organized. Take care! Heidi

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