Friday, February 8, 2008

This and that

Where, oh where, is our TA? Apparently CCAA did not mail out TAs when they closed for Chinese New Year, so it will be at least February 18th or later before we receive it. Then Lifeline will request a Consulate Appointment, and we'll be given the next available CA. We don't know if this will delay us by a week or a month. So, I didn't get what I wanted ... but God is still God, and He knows exactly when I will hold my son.
Three beautiful sisters!
Kambry hamming it up at the Chinese New Year celebration.
Update on my dad: Today when I walked into his room he was carrying on a normal conversation with his aunt. I couldn't believe how clear he was. It makes me think the brain injury is healing, slowly. Within an hour he became slightly agitated and disoriented, trying to get out of bed and pull at his IV. So the good moments are really good, and the bad moments are ... well, less bad. He seems to be stronger in his upper body but he's really thin. My mom has the flu that was going around the hospital, and so far my dad hasn't caught it. Please continue to lift them up to the Great Physician.


Amy said...

Best wishes on a speedy TA :)

Kaitlynsmama said...

Now Connie,
You KNOW it has been too cold to travel this week, so God has let (lol, let...don't you love it) you wait until it warms a little before you travel...who all is traeling???
Tamm and Jeongah

Livin' out loud said...

It'll be here before you know it!! We recieved LOA this week so now our wait for TA BEGINS...lets hope for a busy post holiday catch-up!!

Tammy said...

Hi! I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait for CA either. Karla just said she would fax our TAs to Lily and it would take 48 hours to get one confirmed. Maybe mid to late March?

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