Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where's My Tail?

We've had so much excitement here, I can't keep up!
Kenzie turned 14!
Happy birthday, sweet girl!
Wait for it...
New kicks, favorite candy and gobs of cash.

And after we recuperated from all the celebrating, we realized she needs a passport....since it's possible we'll travel within 3 months! The one-on-one time with Mom and Dad while applying for her passport was so exciting she tried to nap in the car!
And here's the hero of the week, our FedEx guy who said, "What does this make, six???" (*he couldn't have known about Kennah's referral less than 3 weeks ago!*)
Our first Both Hands project is a week from Saturday, we are in the middle of spring stock shows, and we start baseball season with three double-headers next week.
Why does it feel like I'm chasing my tail?!?


Cari said...

HB to Kenzie! what a beautiful pic of u & ur daughter!!

chasing ur tail...yeah i feel ur pain. :)

Jodi said...

Happy birthday Kenzie!!! Hope you had a wonderful special day!! Love your new kicks!!!

Love the Fed Ex man! Cracks me up!!!

Love you!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie! Love the picture of your mom and you...two beautiful ladies!
Kim and the chili pepper clan

Erica said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl ever!!! How funny about the FEDEX guy!! How exciting that she needs a passport!!! YAY!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Because you ARE chasing your tail! But at least it's cute ;)

Happy Birthday, Kenzie!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Kenzi!
Love the Kicks, Sister!

You know it is a small world when I recognized kids at the table who "aren't" your kids, also. LOL!

Looks like a fun time for all.

Anita said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kenzi!! you poor worn out soul! ;)

And gotta love your Fed Ex Man!! Ours kinda through our LOA at the front door and took off. No time to snap a pic of him! LOL!!

Yeah and you already know our tail-chasing stories! HA!! Love ya!

trina said...

Happy Birthday, Kinzie!

Wow, I've missed a few posts and boy did I miss a few posts! :) Wow, yippee for Kooper!
You totally amaze me. Thanking God for the calling on your life and your obedience to follow. Still praying for my wonderful RH. :) Pray with me? :)

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