Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Start to a Good Week!

Since Kooper accepted Jesus last week he wanted to be baptized Sunday!

What an amazing answer to prayer!

Sunday afternoon we had a Both Hands team meeting to prepare for our first project this Saturday. We are SO excited! We hope to have the project video loaded by Monday.
I can't wait to share what God is doing as far as supplies and food donors!

And since this is such a random post, in other news, we took Kinley for another post-op visit today, and Dr. Miller is very pleased.

Remember my prayer journal? If you're in there, I have NOT forgotten you. Even if you don't know you're in there, you are still being lifted up. Some of the requests have already been answered, but some have not. If you'd like to update me, please leave a comment or email, and I'll continue to pray!

In further randomness, I am 29 days from completing the Bible, maps to concordance! I have loved reading it this way, in BIG chunks at a time!

And finally, some oh-so-sad news regarding the squeaky shoes. They are gone. History. Outa here! We decided to donate the 50+ remaining pairs to another adoptive family in hopes they could raise travel funds. It was fun while it lasted though, wasn't it?!?


Lori said...

I tell ya what...I cry each time I see someone being baptized! I am just as sappy seeing Kooper's picture. It is THE most amazing thing ever!

So sad the shoes are gone. :( Such a cute idea...I'm so sorry they didn't work out as well as you had hoped. But I pray they are a huge success for the family you donated them to!

Cari said...

Hope your week continues to be great!!! PTL for the miracle He is doing in Kooper's life. :)

Andrea said...

An incedible picture. I am so happy for Kooper and Mom & Dad.
I love you guys.

Dina Klink said...

Praise God!!! I have been praying for his heart to open to Jesus. What a blessing!!! So happy for your family, especially Kooper.

tinacd said...

So happy for Kooper. It just doesn't get any better than this! Praise the Lord!

Kathy said...

Praising and thanking God for
answered prayer!

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